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#056 | August 20th, 2020
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Hi friends!

I'm kind of scared this email is going to end up in your spam folder because of the subject line, but—oh well. Gotta talk about it.

One of the reasons I started this newsletter is because I was fed up with unrealistic magic formulas shared by productivity gurus who sold people the dream of effortless success.

As you may know, there is no such magic formula. Successful people do work hard. What makes them successful is not a secret hack, it's the execution: the ability to work in a sustainable manner, over the long run, without burning out.

Beside this touchy topic, I want to discuss an interesting cognitive bias we all fall prey to: the planning fallacy. Whether you tell your friend you'll be here in 5 minutes, or miss a project deadline, the planning fallacy is often the culprit.

Finally, this tweet was so popular, I turned it into an article: whether you're an architect, a gardener, or a librarian, you'll find out how to pick the right note-taking app for your specific style.

Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!

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Brain food

The planning fallacy: why we underestimate how long a task will take (7 min)
“We are aiming to launch at the end of year.” We have all been guilty of being overoptimistic when predicting how long a task will take. That’s the planning fallacy at play.

From productivity porn to mindful productivity (6 min)
The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. No wonder productivity advice is so popular. But our desire to be more productive can turn into a harmful addiction.

How to choose the right note-taking app (12 min)
There is a note-taking app for everyone. However, with a new note-taking app popping up every single week, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for your use case.

Virtual Meetup. Mental models affect how we see problems, and how we see people. Are mental models helpful or dangerous? How do you identify and use them to your advantage? Join »

Brain candy

A cool use case for your Tupperware (Reddit)
“I’m going to call my uncle Lagoon from now on. He’s shallow, salty and lives near the ocean.”

Tell me why (Twitter)
“Trying to find the flaw and failing.”

Sound of Silence (Soundcloud)
“10 minute meditative soundscape crafted using the EEG data from Tibetan Buddhists in open monitoring meditation.”


Brain trust

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  • Mental gym sessions. What if we treated mental health as we treat physical health? Starting tomorrow, join these smaller jam sessions to design your own mental gym, using principles from physical exercise.
  • Mental Models. Our next meetup will be all about identifying and using mental models them to your advantage.
  • The Future of Text. We had an amazing time discussing the future of text with guest Frode Hegland. Watch the recording.
  • Member-led events. Steven just started a weekly mastermind call for newsletter owners. Rika manages an accountability group for writers. And Bhumi is running daily writing cycles.
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