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#067 | November 12th, 2020
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Altered states.


Hi friends!

I'm currently reading an old book by Aldous Huxley. You may know Huxley as the author of Brave New World, but he was also a dedicated psychonaut.

“The mystical experience is doubly valuable; it is valuable because it gives the experiencer a better understanding of himself and the world and because it may help him to lead a less self-centered and more creative life,” he said.

Rather than a way to escape reality, Huxley considered psychedelics as a powerful tool to remove the filter over our consciousness, and to explore what he called the Mind at Large.

Which begs the question: which state of consciousness is more valid? What purpose serve these altered states of consciousness?

In this edition, we'll have a look at the five main types of altered states. We'll also discuss a common cognitive distorsion: exaggeration. Finally, I had the pleasure to interview the founder of Speak Ai, a platform to record and analyse your life.

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Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!

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Psychedelics. What's the latest in psychedelics research? What are some potential risks and opportunities? Whether you've tried psychedelics or not, this will be a safe space to discuss them. Join us live as this session won't be recorded. Register »

Brain food

Altered states of consciousness: the elusiveness of the mind (5 min)
The term “altered states of consciousness” was used for the first time in reference to hypnosis. But there are many forms of non-ordinary mental states, which all seem to distort our sense of space and time.

Exaggeration: why we make a mountain out of a molehill (5 min)
Overreacting, catastrophizing, magnificating, maximizing, overplaying, overblowing… We have many words for exaggeration. However, all forms of exaggeration mostly fall under three categories.

Interview: Building an anti-regret machine with Tyler Bryden (13 min)
Many people take lots of notes but then don’t know what to do with them. In this interview, we talked about the link between wellbeing and productivity, the quantified self, how to make self-reflection frictionless, and more.

Collector to Creator. Do you tend to bookmark links and sometimes take notes, but struggle to turn your knowledge into original content? Join the course to build a creativity inbox. Register »

Brain candy

Community-curated knowledge networks (Twitter)
“The Internet put thousands of years of human thought at our fingertips. While this presents enormous opportunities, our brains are not equipped to deal with this abundance.”

Rain sounds with ocean waves (SoundCloud)
“Ocean waves roll in while rain pours down, creating a peaceful white noise to help you sleep, study or relax.”

On the proper kind of selfishness (Twitter)
“You would love me, at cost of your happiness, and ask me to love you at cost of my own... so now we have two unhappy people, but long live love!”

Tools for Thought. A panel talk discussing the manner in which humans interact with technology and investigating how better tooling might improve our cognition. With Andy Matuschak, Conor White-Sullivan, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Toby Shorin, Kara Kittel, and Adam Wiggins. Recording »

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