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#069 | November 26th, 2020
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Current mood: facing my thoughts. Artist: Maciek Wolanski.

Textual maps.


Hi friends!

This week marks an important event: the Future of Text book is out! In today's complicated world, text is used to cause fear, but also to connect, to inform, and to inspire. The 500-page book is a collection of questions and dreams about how we want text to evolve. Scroll down to grab your free PDF copy or to get the hard copy on Amazon.

As a non-native English speaker, it was daunting to write for a medium that feels so permanent. When I make a mistake on my website, I can just go back and fix it. Not so much with a book.

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience, and it's an honour to be included within such a range of diverse voices.

And there's more! This week, we'll learn about the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning, and when to use each mode of thinking. Be ready for some Sherlock Holmes references.

Finally, I had the pleasure to talk with an amazing teacher, designer, and productivity expert. I hope you enjoy reading our interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!

p.s. progress with my lucid dreaming experiments! 🌸

Intro to sketchnoting. Want to get to draw (again), learn how to create basic shapes, use arrows and connectors, craft metaphors, symbols, patterns, and models? Bruno is hosting a live sketchnoting session. Just bring several sheets of white paper and a pen. Join »

Brain food

Inductive versus deductive reasoning: how to make stronger arguments (9 min)
Most scientists agree: it’s impossible to prove the truth. However, by using inductive and deductive reasoning, we can get closer. They provide two different ways of solving problems, making decisions, and evaluating facts.

Productivity and permaculture with Marie Poulin (13 min)
We talked about the interconnection between permaculture and digital gardens, building creativity systems, activating your ideas, avoiding burnout, creating empathy, and much more.

Textual maps (depends whether you read one essay or the whole book!)
My essay discusses the current limitations of tools for thought for mapping the creative process, and the scientific and technological advances needed to engineer a “motor cortext”.

Notion Live Demo. How to manage your creative process with Notion? What are some useful templates? Leo will host a casual session with live demos and a Q&A. Register »

Brain candy

Optical illusion (Twitter)
“Can you see the circles moving in the direction of the arrows? The human brain is so simple that it can be confused by arrows.” (this artist creates lots of cool optical illusions, I highly recommend following them)

Is anybody in there? (The Guardian)
Such a great question: “Would you rather be able to walk without a mind, or think without a body?”

User manual (Twitter)
“There are a lot of developers having kids lately so I’ve linked a quick Hello World for caring for babies.”

Writing Feedback Group. Consistency may be the key to starting a writing/creating habit, but feedback is the reward that sustains it. Bhumi is running live sessions to read each other's writing and provide written feedback. Get feedback »

Brain trust

We are now almost 1,500 members in the community! Here's a sneak peek into what's going on behind the scenes. Don't miss out—if you enjoy Maker Mind, become a member to support the newsletter and to expand your mind!

  • Feedback for writers. Want to write better? In the next month, you can join a peer feedback group led by Bhumi to improve together.
  • Audio/video. We have a new support group this week: #AudioVideoCreators managed by Neha for podcasters and videographers alike.
  • Intro to sketchnoting. Bruno is hosting a live sketchnoting session.
  • Notion live demo. Leo is going to demo how to use templates to manage your creative process in Notion.
  • Support groups. We also have groups for #VisualThinkers#DataNerds, #BookLovers and more. And for specific tools for thought, there are dedicated groups for #RoamResearch and #Obsidian. Join a group or start your own!
  • Community. Currently discussing how to take notes while reading a book, time blocking, the power of daily pages, live tweeting as a productivity trick, BCI devides for focus, spaced repetition, writing apps, self-authoring, and much, much more. Join the conversation.
  • PKM report. Download the 40-page report which includes a competitive landscape of tools for thought and key opportunities in the market.

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