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#068 | November 19th, 2020
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Tip of the tongue.


Hi friends!

Two of the most popular editions of the Maker Mind newsletter were titled “Productivity Porn” and “Idea Sex”, so forgive me for the clickbaity subject line. :)

This week, I want to talk about memory: how it seems to fail us all the time, how it's helping us survive, and why we should be more accepting of its flaws.

We'll have a look at memory biases, as well as the “tip of the tongue” phenomenon—when we think we are just about to remember something, but it somehow feels stuck in our mouth.

A great way to capture factual content to compensate for the memory biases of after-the-fact textual notes is to record audio files. And I have great news: Roam now supports both uploading and playing audio files natively! I wrote a short tutorial so you can learn how to use this feature.

Finally, a little bonus: I had many people asking if they could still join the Collector to Creator course.

I'm not going to announce this anywhere else, but if you're keen to join and missed the deadline, just sign up and drop the corresponding email address here before Sunday 6pm UTC. I will send a one time email with access to the course on Sunday.

You will get access to the recordings and materials from the first week, and can participate in the next three modules live with everyone else.

That's it for this edition. Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!

p.s. group pic! 🤗

Intro to Sketchnoting. Want to get to draw (again), learn how to create basic shapes, use arrows and connectors, craft metaphors, symbols, patterns, and models? Bruno is hosting a live sketchnoting session. Just bring several sheets of white paper and a pen. Join »

Brain food

Memory bias: how selective recall can impact your memories (5 min)
How many times have you forgotten where you left your keys? Do you ever struggle to remember someone’s name? Don’t worry—you’re not the only one. Our memory is far from perfect, and the memory bias effect doesn’t help.

Lethologica: what happens when a word is on the tip of the tongue (4 min)
It may be seen as a metacognitive process, which signals a weak recall—in contrast to no recall at all. When you feel like something is on the tip of your tongue, your mind is telling you: we should know this.

How to upload and play audio files in Roam Research (4 min)
Great news: Roam Research recently released a new inline audio player with audio upload support. Beyond text and images, the audio feature is a great way to augment your thoughts.

Psychedelics. What's the latest in psychedelics research? What are some potential risks and opportunities? Whether you've tried psychedelics or not, this meetup will be a safe space to discuss them. Join us live as this session won't be recorded. Register »

Brain candy

Ant hill garnets from Arizona
“These are pyrope garnets mined by ants and deposited on ant hills. They are then collected by the Navajo and sold to gem cutters.”

Project Ceti
“For the first time in history, advances in engineering, artificial intelligence, and linguistics have made it possible to understand the language of animals.”

Conscious existentialism
“We all jokingly predicted this but I dont think any one of us actually expected Bunny to cross the line of conscious existentialism.”

Writing Feedback Group. Consistency may be the key to starting a writing/creating habit, but feedback is the reward that sustains it. Bhumi is running live sessions to read each other's writing and provide written feedback. Get feedback »

Brain trust

Here's a sneak peek into what's going on in the community. If you enjoy Maker Mind, become a member to support the newsletter and to expand your mind!

  • New support groups. We have two new support groups: #RoamResearch managed by Rita and #Obsidian managed by Aakarsh. We also have groups for #VisualThinkers#DataNerds, #BookLovers and more. Join a group or start your own!
  • The Future of Education. Adelaida, Rika, and now other members are putting together a public Roam graph about the future of education. Contribute here.
  • Feedback for writers. The Writing Circle is evolving! You can now join a peer support group led by Bhumi to give and receive feedback on your work.
  • Intro to Sketchnoting. Bruno is hosting a live sketchnoting session. Want to get to draw (again), learn how to create basic shapes, use arrows and connectors, craft metaphors, symbols, patterns, and models? Just bring several sheets of white paper and a pen.
  • Community. Currently discussing adding a little randomness to unlock creativity, the best ways to process PDF files, how being too productive can get in the way of enjoying the journey, going beyond the basics when studying a topic, the differences between Roam and Obsidian, and more. Join the conversation.
  • Product launch. After weeks of hard work, community member Janel launched her Newsletter OS for Notion today. Show your support! (and announce your own launches here)
  • From collector to creator. The course registrations have closed, but the deadline is extended for a couple more days just for email subscribers. Sign up as a yearly member and fill this form with your email address to get the invitation.
  • The state of Personal Knowledge Management. Download the 40-page report which includes a competitive landscape of tools for thought and key opportunities in the market.
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