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#037 | March 26th, 2020
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Emotional agility.

This is the last edition of March—and boy was it a long month! It felt so long it's become a popular joke to say you have been alive in several decades: the 1990s, the 2000s, the 2010s, the 2020s, and March.

While people say that with crisis comes opportunity, the truth is, with crisis also comes uncertainty. Hustle porn and denying how challenging these times are is counterproductive.

So this week I want to talk about emotional agility: our ability to accept all of the range of our emotions in a mindful, value-based way.

We will also have a look at brain-based gaming apps and why they don't work, and learn how to use my favourite thinking app, Roam, to go from research idea to published articles in five easy steps.

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Brain Food

Emotional agility: how to build resilience in times of crisis
“Life’s beauty is inseparable from its fragility.” This quote by Dr Susan David perfectly encapsulates the importance of emotional agility. We love and we lose, we are healthy and ill, we complain about someone, then we miss them when they’re gone. Our ability to accept the complex interplay between beauty and fragility is at the core of emotional agility.

Brain-training games are BS
“Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!” claims the fifteen-year old brain-training app, also known as Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training. The app consists of mini-games designed to stimulate the brain and help combat normal aging effects. Nintendo just released the latest version in Europe and Australia. While the longevity of the game itself is a testament to its success, there’s one big problem: brain-training games don’t work.

Roam Research: a simple input to output flow
Roam is a tool powerful enough to manage an end-to-end writing workflow, from research and note-taking (input) to writing an original article (output). There are many videos covering some of the more complex use cases for Roam, but in this tutorial we will focus on five simple steps you can take to go from idea to original article, all inside of Roam.


Brain candy

Discovering the brain’s nightly “rinse cycle” (NIH)
“Getting plenty of sleep is essential for our health. Now comes word of yet another way that sleep is good for us: it triggers rhythmic waves of blood that appear to function much like a washing machine’s rinse cycle, clearing the brain of toxic waste.”

How the brain encodes landmarks that help us navigate (MIT)
“Neuroscientists discover how a key brain region combines visual and spatial information to help us find our way.”

The brain reshapes our malleable senses to fit the world (Quanta)
"How does experience alter our perceptions? Learn how the brain’s visual system rewires itself to make the best use of its neural resources.”


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