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#066 | November 5th, 2020
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Personal values.


Hi friends!

What a strange week. Most of the world is watching what's going on in the U.S. and wondering what the future holds. If your stress levels are high, you are not alone.

Times of chaos are paradoxically a great opportunity to pause and reflect. This week, I want to talk about personal values—the research behind them, where they come from, and how we can discover and shape our own values.

What's more, I had a great chat with Juvoni Beckford, who read more than 450 books and has designed an amazing knowledge management system. It's a longer read, but totally worth it.

In this edition, I also answer a question I keep receiving: how do you take notes while reading a book? It may seem simple, but many of us still struggle to capture new knowledge without interrupting our reading flow.

Finally, I'm very excited to *finally* launch the Collector to Creator course. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. It will be a 4-week programme with live sessions, workshops, and of course access to the community.

I've written more than 200 articles in one year and you're now 23,000 readers receiving this newsletter. In this course, you'll learn how to build your own creativity inbox so you never run out of ideas to create content about. We'll cover everything from ideation to publication.

Enjoy the read, and hit reply if you have any questions, feedback, or want to say hello!

p.s. highly recommend trying this :)

The Future of University. Can university be free(d), both philosophically and financially? Led by Adelaida, this conversation will explore the massive shift in how education is delivered. Register »

Brain food

Personal values: how knowing yourself can guide your actions (8 min)
Our values are our preferences concerning what we consider appropriate courses of actions. They strongly influence our decisions, and yet, very few take the time to wonder: what are my personal values?

How to take notes while reading a book (6 min)
There's a fine balance between taking too many notes—and reading extremely slowly—and taking too few notes, which leaves much of the knowledge from the book on the table. How do you find that balance?

Interview: Using books to navigate life with Juvoni Beckford (18 min)
A few months ago, a tweet popped up on my timeline, where Juvoni Beckford shared an incredible achievement: reading 450 books over the course of a decade. I had to ask him how.

Psychedelics. What's the latest in psychedelics research? What are some potential risks and opportunities? Whether you've tried psychedelics or not, this will be a safe space to discuss them. Join us live as this session won't be recorded. Register »

Brain candy

Cathedral of 80,000 books (Twitter)
“At newly opened bookstore Dujiangyan Zhongshuge, located in Chengdu.”

Hot tub for birds (Twitter)
“My dad installed a hot tub for his birds and when he turned it on, word spread pretty quickly that this is the new bestest favoritest hangout spot of all.”

Nature sounds (SoundCloud)
“Whether you're looking for nature sounds, rain sounds, ocean sounds, or just plain relaxing sounds, you've come to the right place.”

Tools for Thought. A panel talk discussing the manner in which humans interact with technology and investigating how better tooling might improve our cognition. With Andy Matuschak, Conor White-Sullivan, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Toby Shorin, Kara Kittel, and Adam Wiggins. Register »

Brain trust

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  • From collector to creator. The course will start on November 16th. Make sure you're signed up as a yearly member so you get an email on launch day.
  • Newsletter mastermind. We had a fun AMA where members asked me about how I manage Maker Mind. Watch the recording.
  • The Future of University. Excited about our next meetup about new education models, led by the amazing Adelaida. Register.
  • Visual thinkers. Bruno just started a support group for visual thinkers, where members can discuss tools, strategies, and their learning practice.
  • Other support groups. We also have groups for writers, side hustlers, book lovers, newsletter owners, and more. Anyone can join or create a group.
  • Community. Currently discussing chat client proliferation, smartphone distraction, living a more mindful life from UX principles, early-career fears, the no-code movement, and more. Join the conversation.
  • Writing Cycle. Want to write more often? Join a cycle to make progress on your creative work and stick to your content goals.
  • The state of Personal Knowledge Management. You can still download the report by joining as a yearly member!
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