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• November 2020 Issue •

Hi Friends,

The holiday season is upon us, and before we're all swept up in turkey dinners, Christmas carols, and ugly sweaters, we wanted to send you some friendly reminders and some great free resources! 

 Below are the topics we're covering in this month's newsletter:
  • Food Drive Pick-Up
  • Holiday Reminders - Gift Edition
  • How to Add an Animal Over 12 Months
  • MHN Presents...Yard Care According to Your Lease
  • Free Flume Smart Home Water Monitor from SAWS
  • CPS Energy SaveNow - Home Energy Kit
  • SAWS Stage 1 Watering Restrictions in Place
  • What Is A Good Credit Score? How To Improve Yours And Keep It High: Life Kit
If you or anyone you know ever have questions about buying, selling, renting, or investing in real estate, please don't hesitate to reach out to your friends at MHN Property Management. We'd be honored to earn your endorsement and will treat anyone you send our way like family.

Darren Graichen
Business Development Manager
Courtney Rosen
Senior Vice President 
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Food Drive Pick-Up

We at MHN Property Management feel very fortunate to be able to help both our tenants and our owners during this unprecedented year. And we'd like your help in helping others in need as well. 

This year we're combining our normal winter property drives (get those lawns ready!) and cookie delivery with a food drive for the San Antonio Food Bank

Winter drives take place during the first 15 days of December. 

If you'd like to participate, please purchase your food bank items on your next grocery stop. We'll text you the day before we're coming to your property and ask you to place your food bank donations in a bag on your front porch. That evening, you should find a tin of cookies has replaced your food donation. 

Every little donation helps! If every tenant donates a single can of tuna that would be 200 cans of tuna for the food bank! 

Find the most desired dry goods requested by the food bank here

Thank you so much for your communication and for being our tenants - especially during this crazy year. And thank you for making an effort to do a little bit of good for those less fortunate - together we can make a bigger impact! 

Holiday Reminders - Gift Edition

If you're already working through your holiday shopping list and picking up gifts your loved ones would like to see under the tree, we want to remind you that there are some gifts you should stay away from, including:
  • puppies
  • kittens
  • trampolines
These items are not allowed, as per the lease, so we remind you to choose other gifts to put under the tree this year.

How to Add an Animal Over 12 Months 

If you're considering getting a pet, there are some steps you'll need to take to make sure you meet all guidelines.

All animals need to be screened by a third party to make sure that they meet criteria outlined in the application process. The application costs $20 for the first pet and $15 per additional pet. There is no cost if the animal meets the requirements for a support animal per HUD guidelines. 

All approved pets require both a signed pet agreement and a $40 Monthly pet fee. 

MHN Properties does not approve puppies, kittens under 1 year of age or aggressive breeds, as categorized by insurance companies. 

Please note, the animal is an illegal pet and cannot be on the property until:
  • Approved
  • Pet Agreement signed 
  • Until it is approved and added as a support animal and the animal has been added to your lease as an occupant.
** Illegal pet fees are $500 per animal plus an additional $50 per day per animal. 

Also, you will need to update your pet's vaccination records annually at the cost of $10 per pet. (At no cost if it’s a support animal). A doctors prescription for a support animal needs to be updated annually to show continuing need for the pet.

To complete the pet application, please collect the following information:
  • Pet photos (front facing photo, side photo)
  • Vaccination records 
  • Vet Clinic contact information
  • Microchip information (if applicable)
  • HUD compliant documentation to qualify the animal as a support animal 
If you're ready to start the pet application and have collected all of the required information outlined above, click here

MHN Presents… Yard Care
According to Your Lease 

Some people are inside people, some people are outside people, but according to your lease, all people need to take care of their yards. MHN Property Management will be driving by all properties in the next 3 weeks, so please make sure the lawn is maintained according to the lease!

There are three elements of good yard care: 
  1. Weekly watering.
  2. Keeping the grass cut, edged, and weed-free.
  3. Keeping bushes trimmed and away from the house. 
The most important part of yard care is watering. 
  • Watering will help the grass and plants stay green while also stabilizing the foundation of the house. If you start seeing shift cracks inside your home or if the doors no longer close properly, you probably are not watering the home and yard properly. Cracks in the dirt (only seen once lack of watering has killed off the grass) is also a sign of not complying with this requirement of the lease. 
Next is the grass. 
  • Grass that is watered, cut and fertilized regularly will thrive and spread into any dead patches. The city of San Antonio and other cities have lawn care regulations as do many homeowners associations. MHN Properties also drives the properties at least twice a year to monitor for lease compliance. 
  • MHN Property Management recommends that you spray your yard with fertilizer and weed killer at least twice a year in the spring and fall. Depending on the yard conditions, you may need more than two treatments a year. Keeping the grass healthy is the best defense against weeds. 
  • For a tidy look, you need to edge the yard to keep grass out of the sidewalks and driveway. 
Finally, the trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds are the finishing touch. 
  • Tenants are responsible for trimming trees up to 7 feet so that everyone can walk comfortably below them. If trees are on or near the roof of the house, please submit a work order so we can trim back the trees before they damage the roof or provide rodents easy access to your home. 
  • Please trim bushes regularly and prevent them from being overgrown. Mulch in the flower beds should be replaced or freshened up at least once a year. All bushes and other plants should be trimmed so that they do not touch the house. 
  • Some tenants really enjoy their yards and want to garden. Please submit a work order if you’d like to modify the yard by adding a garden bed or other plants. 
So remember the three steps to a fabulous yard - water, grass, and trimming!

Thank you for your cooperation in caring for your home.

Free Flume Smart Home Water Monitor from SAWS

Keeping track of your water use and managing your water bill is easier than ever with a Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor. This easy-to-install device can help prevent an unexpected high bill and protect your home from costly leaks. Flume is temporarily reducing its water monitor’s price through Dec. 4, making it FREE when combined with the SAWS Water Flow Sensor Rebate of $150. For more information on Flume and this amazing deal, click here!

CPS Energy SaveNow - Home Energy Kit

Requesting a CPS Energy Home Energy Kit will get you some great products delivered right to your door.
  • Electric Water Heat Customers:
    • ENERGY STAR® LED Light
    • Bulbs
    • WaterSense Showerheads
    • WaterSense Kitchen and
    • Bathroom Faucet Aerators
    • Pipe Wrap
  • Gas Water Heat Customers
    • ENERGY STAR® LED Light Bulbs
To request your kit, click here!

SAWS Stage 1 Watering Restrictions in Place

There are currently watering restrictions in place in order to conserve water. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the SAWS Stage 1 Watering Restrictions here.

What Is A Good Credit Score? How To Improve Yours And Keep It High: Life Kit

If you're worried about your credit score and wondering how you can improve it or keep it high, there are some great resources out there, but they can give you some mixed messages. We've found a great informational source to give you the answers you've been searching for. Learn about your credit score and how to improve it here

Kind Words From Past Clients

"The whole 9 yards. Courtney and her team going above and beyond is just the starting point. Give them a try! I can't think of anything they need to improve. See for yourself; they are tremendous."
- David via Google

"MHN is a great company and the people there are great to work with. Great customer service and response time."
- Roni via Google

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