I hope you're all having a wonderful Morning. It's been a crazy start to the week here - but in an exciting and fun way.

Why crazy?

Glad you asked! Without further ado let me introduce you to...


I wanted to take a brief moment this morning to share my friend Dax Gordine's KICKSTARTER for FOREST FOLK: PICNICS & HIJINKS the premier print edition collecting his comic strips for the first time! Dax has been creating Forest Folk weekly for online audiences since 2015. It's a wonderful all-ages comic about the misadventures of Filburt the Fox, a know-it-all jokester, and Thomas the sketching Elf, a carefree spirit with a magical quill that can conjure anything he draws... and more often than not he's inevitably tasked with keeping his oblivious friend Filburt out of trouble with it.

Dax has collaborated with RAID Press, and myself, to help make his first volume of FOREST FOLK a reality. The book collects and showcases the first 105 comic strips with additional content, including sketches and process art. If you have a moment, please CHECK OUT THE CAMPAIGN - and support if you can.


And now, I want to take another moment to introduce everyone to RAID Press. Founded in 2017 by myself and a few colleagues our mission is to provide a publishing venue for creators, by creators. A small press where creators can freely collaborate, allow their ideas to flourish, and have an avenue for publication and distribution on hand. To date, we've produced three volumes of the RAID Anthology (with a fourth in production) and Mr. Monster, The Original Adventures of Doc. Stearne, a collection of golden age comics soon to be available for purchase.

So why am I yammering on about this?

First off, I'm super proud of what we've achieved.

Secondly, I've loved designing the books we've produced - I don't tend to shout it from the rooftops, but book design has long been a passion of mine. I love giving every title I work on its own distinct personality and visual language.

And thirdly, this is where I am planning to publish my series of Kukuburi books, the Butternutsquash omnibus, and all future personal projects. So with our first Kickstarter we are taking a giant step into future possibilities... and I'm DAMN EXCITED!

A digital mock-up of Mr. Monster,The Original Adventures of Doc. Stearne, a book that I was proud to design and bring to life via RAID Press.
In the month to come, I and fellow RAID studio-mate Eric Vedder are looking to start a regular live-streaming session on Monday nights where we work on our personal projects (for me that'll be Kukuburi, Payaso, and others as time rolls on) while we chat with those who want to tune in and listen. I'll let you know our official launch date with proper links next newsletter. that's all here --- I just wanted to give you all a heads up :)
This month I'm excited to share that STILLWATER returns to comic shop shelves with issue 7 for its next story arc! To mark the occasion this issue features multiple variants, one by Soo Lee in honour of Asian Pacifica American Heritage Month,  and the other by fellow RAIDer Kalman Andrasofszky for the Comic Vault Live program featuring a beautiful gold embossed logo! Check out both covers below - and snag yours at your local comic shop this Wednesday, May 19th! 
It's been a non-stop month and I wish I could share more art than I did (which was nil) - but I thank you for reading, and for your constant support. Next month I promise a few more sneak peeks and actual artwork on hand to share... 

All the best,


PS/ ahhhhh screw it - here's a quick screenshot of a variant cover I'm working on for a famous pirate - SHHHHHH!
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