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October 2020
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Find It Quicker with Sidebar Search

Here's the scenario—you've got hundreds of categories and thousands of articles. You're looking for that one about invoices. Rather than clicking on a load of categories to try and find the article wouldn't it be great if it was pointed out for you?

That's why we're introducing smarter search. And you can find it in the sidebar to the left.

Add, Remove, and Sort Users in a Click

We've completely re-engineered our user management so you can sift down 10,000 users to 1. You can filter users by name, email, activity, user group, and role so you'll find Jenny who's part of the engineering team in seconds.

Powered Up HTML Blocks

We've rebuilt our HTML blocks so you can dramatically reduce your workflow by showing you a preview right inside the text editor. Just click the Preview tab and you'll see your changes right there and then.

📄 Read the full update on our blog.