January 2021

Product Roundup

A roundup of the biggest changes with your HelpDocs subscription this January.

HelpDocs January 2021 video

🐈 Check out our video all about our updates

A Better Dashboard Experience

After a couple months work we're super excited to show off our new dashboard. And it's live for customers now if you haven't already seen it 👀

See What's Up & Down With Stats Trends

Keeping up with your Knowledge Base stats can be challenging. Are things going better? Worse? The same? Without comparing datasets and combing through numbers in spreadsheets it's not obvious at all.

That's why we're proud to introduce Stats Trends! With Stats Trends you'll be able to understand how things are going for your self-serve help in a glance.

See What's Missing with Missed Searches

When you're first building out your Knowledge Base you're going with your gut. What kind of answers might customers be on the hunt for? What features do we have and how can we explain them?

With Missed Searches we've surfaced the search terms that get no results for you to write articles about them if you think that's the way to go. You'll find these at the bottom of your existing search analytics.

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