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Reality and Expectations

Matt hit a PR at the gym today. He broke a mental barrier and hit his heaviest deadlift yet. And he decided to reflect on how it took patience and having realistic expectations.

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The Game of Show and Tell

The past couple of weeks have been a weird and wild ride. Not least because we’ve finally started venturing into the wonderful world of knowledge base software demos.

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A guide to distributed teams

▲ All teams past a certain size become distributed, whether across rooms, floors, buildings, cities, or continents. But tech is only starting to explore and invest in remote workplaces, which means that, as an industry, we don’t really know what success looks like.

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Customer-Centric Strategy: Definition and Benefits

Being customer-centric is more important than ever before. The internet levels the playing field for feedback on how businesses treat customers. With review sites, social media, screenshots, live streaming, and mobile video, a business can’t hide from a bad customer experience.

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Why We Don’t Call Them ‘Support Tickets’

Support tickets, customer service ticketing systems, help desk tickets — these terms are ubiquitous in the customer service software landscape. And most of the support software on the market uses “ticketing” to describe what their help desk does, because … that’s just what it’s called.

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4 key learnings about customer success from Guru Empower

Guru Empower 2019 was jam-packed with learning. With presentations from leaders of customer-facing teams, entrepreneurs, and even an NBA basketball star, this two-day conference taught us many lessons about knowledge sharing, building a business, and of course, individual empowerment.

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Our journey to staying present: Join us in the #ScreenTimeChallenge!

We all know the feeling: you have a spare two minutes, pull out your smartphone, and before you know it, 25 minutes have passed. Connecting us all — yet also making us more distant than ever — smartphones are an undeniable problem in our society today.

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