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Customer support over the last year has been a challenge, to put it lightly. We've all had our own stress but also had to manage the stress of our customers. People tend to be less flexible and more irrational. It's challenging to provide A-grade support 100% of the time 😵

There's been a shift. What makes it harder to deal with is the fact it's nobody's fault. This month I wrote about how it isn't easy to be on both sides of the ticket.

I also delve into our product demo setup. The first is about how we avoid product demo calls and instead replace them with an on-demand video. The second is about how I found myself procrastinating while trying to rerecord that exact demo video.

See you next month! 🤗

Jarratt Isted
Education at HelpDocs

Why We Stopped Scheduling Product Demo Calls

Calls are exhausting and Zoom fatigue is taking over our lives. Here's how we decided to say no to individual product demos and found a better solution for us.

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Both Sides of the Ticket: Learning to Alter My Support Tone During a Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted the way people feel & act. Customer support has changed for both the people behind and in front of the ticket.

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Stumbling Through Producing Our On-Demand Demo Video

Videos tend to be beautifully polished but you never see what happens behind the scenes. See how I eventually made our on-demand demo video after some major procrastination.

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