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This month I've been kind of obsessed with change at HelpDocs. Changes in the product, in my role, and in the company in general. It's been on my mind a lot! 🧠

I explore this a little obsession with change and "new things" here, along with my struggle with what I’ll call “shiny thing syndrome”. Being distracted and pulled toward a new thing before taking care of the everyday stuff. ✨

In this post, I talk about how we shipped our latest update with nary a whisper. And how we’ve gone from getting pats on the back to the kind of feedback you might expect at a much much larger company. 🙃

And continuing the theme of change, I get a bit introspective and reflective in this post. Giving a rundown on a bunch of things that have changed and what that’s meant to me this year. 🦄

Last but not least, I switch it up a bit with a post about how my desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience can sometimes go too far. In this post, I talk about how sometimes this can result in less education and more just doing things for our users. 😬

As usual you’ll find some great articles I haven't written toward the bottom, too. And as usual, I'd love to hear what you think. 🙂

See you soon 👀

PS: We’re still hiring on the Dev and Customer Ed. teams.
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📖 From the blog

They say a Change is as good as a rest. After we shipped such a massive overhaul of the software a couple of weeks ago—and with more changes on the horizon 😁—I can’t help but think about how true this is. Take a look!

Since I started taking on the support tickets at HelpDocs, knowing where to draw the line on helping customers with extraordinary demands is one thing that always stumps me. Take a look!

A couple of weeks ago we shipped one of the most significant updates to HelpDocs since the software was but a glint in Jake and Jarratt’s eyes. And we barely mentioned it 📣 Take a look!

You’d think by now I’d have learnt to take care of the housekeeping before I embark on some crazy new adventure. I guess not! 🙈 Take a look!

🌎 Opinions and stories from around the world

Been struggling with work/life balance? This is quite a thought-provoking piece on using computers as a tool and implementing strategies to get stuff done... and then log off 🙃 Take a look!
For something a little different check out this interview with Nik Ingersöll, the mind behind natural foods company Barnana. Covering some great stuff about being an outcast and embracing that in business. Take a look!
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