Monopoly, Negronis, and Knowledge Bases

Last weekend my partner and I sat down to a game of Monopoly (I chose the cat obviously) with a side of Negroni 🍸🎲

Luckily I'm pretty well informed about playing Monopoly (I spent way too many hours playing it as a kid) and didn't need to crack out the manual. You might be confused why I’d mention this.

In this edition's featured post our friend Mercer writes about writing better docs by getting inspired by board game manuals. Interestingly board game manuals and Knowledge Bases have quite a bit in common.

We also take a deeper look into the difference between a Wiki and a Knowledge Base. Like frogs and toads they tend to get mistaken for one another but they're pretty different and have distinct characteristics.

There's plenty to read in this edition of Bookmarked. Enjoy and see you next time 🙌

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Jarratt Isted
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