Product Roundup 2020

Ever think "hey, what'd they ship last year to make my job easier?". Good news! We're gonna round up the biggest features we shipped last year—just in case you missed them.

If you’re interested in seeing all the updates you can check them out here.

Get articles just right before publishing with Working Copy 👩‍🍳👌

One of the first features we shipped last year was Working Copy. It helps you tweak your articles before sending them out into the wild so you can carry on saving your changes until you're ready.

Built-in compliance with native Cookie Consent 🇪🇺🍪

As much as most of us loathe the fact Cookie banners are now a big part of the internet. To make this easier for everyone we baked Cookie Consent banners into the product.

So if you're tracking users and using cookies for analytics you can now toggle your consent banner on and we'll take care of the rest.

Test customizations without pushing changes live to customers with .dev 🪂

Whether you're styling your category cards with CSS, adding new functionality with JavaScript, or building a template from scratch with a custom HTML template, you can never be 100% whether your customizations will work when you hit Save.

With .dev you can test these changes out without leaping. And when you're ready to make the jump you can push your changes straight to customers worldwide.

Fast-track new article creation with 🎢

You never know when inspiration might strike. When it does and you've been thinking about that new article you need to write at 2am head to

It's a fancy new domain for every customer to create new articles on the fly without navigating anywhere.

What's next? 👀

We've got a boatload of features in the pipeline this year including a huge update launching next week that'll make it even easier to write super helpful articles for customers.

Thanks for your support in 2020. We can't wait for you to see what we're working on 💖

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