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A little insight into how we roll

On our blog we often talk about what's going on behind the scenes. This month we decided to write more about how we get stuff done.

One question we get asked pretty often by prospects is whether people should sign up to a Wiki or a Knowledge Base. I like to think you don't need to choose. Go wild and use both.

We also wrote about how we tackle tickets. By using our Knowledge Base we're able to dramatically reduce the amount of time we spend on each ticket without damaging the customer experience.

This is the last Bookmarked before the holidays. I can safely say we've all had a rough year so enjoy the mince pies and see you in 2021 folks! 💖

How to Run Repeatable Projects by Using a Wiki and Knowledge Base Together

Wondering whether to go for a Wiki or knowledge base? We think you should choose both.


How We Integrate Knowledge Base Articles into Support Tickets

Get the lowdown on how we tackle tickets and improve our knowledge base in the process.


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