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It's been a super intense month which has led to a lot of self-reflection. So if honest and introspective blog posts are your bag you're in for a treat 🍬 

We're kicking everything off with a post talking about strategy and purpose. Specifically, whether content can just exist without any real purpose beyond being interesting. I don’t come to a conclusion and would love to know your thoughts. 💭

We also have a couple of reflective posts. In one, I reflect on my struggles with hiring and come to the painful conclusion that I’ve been selfish in needing to take on all the things myself. 🙈

In another, I also talk about how over-communication is a hugely important aspect of our culture. And how it’s particularly noticeable when we don’t do it. 😬

There’s also a post following last month’s edition on changes since we made a massive update to the settings dashboard in HelpDocs. 🛠️

Also, I’m super excited to announce we’ve finally released our first-ever course!

In this course, I offer up a quick tutorial on getting started customizing knowledge bases and touch on why that should even be a thing. 

Spoiler alert: It’s all about the customer experience!

Links to all the things are down below along with a few choice pieces from the interwebs.

As always let me know what you think and I will see you next time.

See you soon 👀

PS: We’re still hiring on the Dev and Customer Ed. teams.
Take a look:

🎓 INTRODUCING: Our First Ever Course!

Getting Started with Customizing your Knowledge Base

This course is aimed at non-developers who are looking for a little technical guidance on how to make their knowledge base kick ass, without bothering their developers. 💪 Take a look!

📖 From the blog

Does everything need a strategy and a purpose? I’m not so sure 🤔 The past couple of days I’ve been thinking about this more and more. And to be honest, I still don't have an answer! 🙈 Take a look!

32 years of life and my incredibly deep and profound observation is that "sometimes you just have to let it go"... ok, maybe there's more to it than that 😏 Take a look!

Making over-communication a priority is probably one of the most critical aspects of our culture. It’s certainly something I’d recommend to anyone building a remote team. Since for us, it makes things easier and keeps us all on the same page. 🔖 Take a look!

There’s a lot to be said for making huge, swathing changes. Just getting stuff done. Finished. It’s a little like quickly peeling a bandaid. But sometimes that's not the best way forward 😬 Take a look!

🌎 Stories From Around the World

How Brands Can Strike The Right Balance Between Digital And Human Customer Service by Shep Hyken

Amongst the many great points in here, I can't get over the claim "85% of customer service interactions will be handled without the help of a live customer support agent. " 😬🤖 Take a look!

How logistics companies can improve customer service — and why it matters

Some great tips and ideas in here from the Front team. They're pretty transferable for most companies looking to scale customer support Take a look!
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