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Feb 05, 2018
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SCADA and Control Systems in Yukon - Intro
Feb 21-22        8:00-3:30pm
Provider: Yukon College
Instructor: Alison Anderson

1.2 CEUs

This 2 day (12 hour) course is designed to introduce participants to process control, control system components and their purposes within a control system, as well as methods for troubleshooting operational issues. The focus is on systems typically used in small water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants in Yukon. The course provides practical skills that can assist with control systems troubleshooting and upgrading/design.

CRN 20447

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Arsenic and Uranium Removal

Feb 28        8:00-3:30pm
Provider: Yukon College
Instructor: Chris Potvin

0.6 CEU

This 1 day (6 hour) course is designed to increase the participant's knowledge in methods of removing arsenic and uranium as well as their application, proper operation, and maintenance requirement.

CRN 20409

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Passive Wastewater Treatment North-of-60: beyond Lagoons
Mar 06-07        8:00-3:30pm
Provider: CAWT, Fleming College

Instructor: Colin Yates + local guest speakers

1.2 CEUs

This 2 day (12 hour) course introduces participants to the fundamentals of Passive Wastewater and Constructed Wetlands for wastewater treatment. The course is focused on treatment in extreme cold climates, presenting case studies and current state of knowledge in this field. The Subwet tool is introduced which models horizontal subsurface flow wetlands for both warm and cold climates. The participants are also introduced to operations and maintenance of wetland systems.

Guest speakers will present and discuss the Yukon experience in terms of passive wastewater treatment systems such as Constructed Wetlands, Slow Rate Infiltration Systems, and Bioreactors.

The course is targeted to Operators working in wastewater treatment, and is relevant to any health professional, supervisor, technician or homeowner involved with or interested in water & wastewater.

CRN 20446

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Math Review for Small Water Systems and Bulk Water Delivery
Mar 01-02        8:00-3:30pm

1.2 CEUs

This 2 day (12 hour) course is designed to increase the participant's proficiency with the math components involved in small water systems operation and bulk water delivery.

The course will review the following: metric system; math basics (using a calculator, estimating, solving equations, scientific notation, order of operation); length, area; flow rates; pressure; force; head; chlorine dosage; pumping rates; and detention time.

CRN 20265

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EXAM prep courses

Water Treatment Level 1 &2
Feb 12-16        8:00-3:30pm
2.7 CEUs
CRN 20263

Basic Small Water Systems Operation
Mar 05-09        8:00-3:30pm
2.7 CEUs
CRN 20266

Bulk Water Delivery
Mar 12-15        8:00-3:30pm
2.1 CEUs
CRN 20267
Mar 02, 1-4pm                                 Mar 09, 1-4pm
registration deadline Feb 15               registration deadline Feb 22

*REGISTER EARLY! EOCP needs 3 weeks to process EXAM applications. Contact EOCP directly for EXAM registration: or 1.866.552.3627.
Health Canada Opens a Public Consultation on Uranium in Drinking Water

Health Canada has drafted an assessment of uranium in drinking water for public consultation. The document focuses on uranium's chemical toxicity as opposed to its radiological properties, as it has been determined that it is not present at a high enough concentration in Canadian drinking water to pose any radiation-related danger to the population. [...] From the TDI, a maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of 20 ug/L was proposed. Data from a national survey of Canadian drinking water in 2015 found an average level of 0.52 ug/L, with a range of <0.1-32 ug/L, indicating a possible concern is some areas.

Source: Bibra - toxicology advice & consulting | December 06, 2017 - click for complete article
Why SCADA Systems for Wastewater Treatment?
Aditya Sharma

SCADA is an automated tool that facilitates supervision, analysis, and collection of real time data for generating reports. SCADA remotely monitors and controls a variety of industrial devices and sensors and display the data in a logical and organized fashion to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Waste water treatment plants depend on reliable operation of SCADA to continuously and
safely remove effluent throughout the service area to main station. With the increase in demand for automation in waste water treatment plants, there is a significant rise in the demand for SCADA. In addition, safety of the machinery and data requirement has elevated the demand of SCADA.

1. Higher
process qualities.
2. Reduced
chemical usage.
3. Efficient
energy savings
4. Reduction in potential
environmental catastrophes
5. Tracking and controlling manpower

Source: LinkedIn | Water Treatment Industry Group (1mo) - click for complete discussion
YWWOP classes and EOPC exam sessions can be facilitated at any Yukon College campus. Alternatively, YWWOP classes are available through web-conferencing (FUZE).
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Hi... I am Michel Duteau, the interim YWWOP Instructor/Coordinator until June 2018 (Catherine Mallet is on parental leave).

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