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Storytelling For Families

Connecting families through the art of storytelling!

Watch new storytelling videos uploaded every week!
Dance, clap and become part of the story!
We'll teach you lots of new songs
and introduce you to many beloved characters.

New storytelling video published
every Saturday at 6pm on YouTube and Facebook.

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Four River Dragons

A long time ago, there was a terrible drought and the people suffered. The Four Dragons came up with a clever plan ...

The Talkative Tortoise

Tortoise loved to talk and go yak yak yak yak yak! What happens when the pond dries up? Can he find a new place to live?

The Tiger & The Persimmon

One day, Tiger ran down the mountain to eat someone! He meets something he's never seen before. What will Tiger do?

The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor

Go sailing with Sinbad! Meet strange animals and eat some yummy fruit. Oops! The island might not be what you think it is!


The Seven Kids & The Wolf

Who's that knocking on the door of the Goat Family's house? It's The Big Bad Wolf! What will the seven kids do?

Issun Boshi

Have you ever wanted to be a samurai? Join Issun Boshi to learn some fighting poses and meet terrible oni ogres! Roar!


The Adventures of Sang Kancil

Sang Kancil the mousedeer has a clever plan to outwit Sang Buaya. Can she get to the other side of the river, and eat the tasty fruit?


The Hat Seller & The Monkeys

Oh no! The Hat Seller's hats have been stolen by the cheeky monkeys! Will she get them back? Find out in this fun tandem story!


Once Upon A Time Storytelling

Gateway Theatre - Saturdays at 11:00am

Our regular Saturday storytelling sessions with Gateway Arts will resume
presented as a series of online videos.

January stories to look forward to:
Momotaro - Jan 16-23 WATCH NOW!
Thumbelina - Jan 23-30
Why the Sky is Far Away - Jan 30-Feb 6

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to receive your weekly video link details!

Terrific Tales

The Artground - Sundays at 10:30am

Join our Young Storytellers for live sessions at The Artground for Terrific Tales from February 21st onwards! Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more details.

It's Storytime

Cluny Court - Sundays at 12pm

Our live sessions for It's Storytime at Cluny Court will resume in April 2021!
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The Storytelling Centre Limited is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore.
Our core mission is to foster and advance the art of storytelling through performances, collaborations, artistic exchanges, mentorships, training and community outreach.
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