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Masterclasses & Presentations
Reflecting Fridas: The Life of Frida Kahlo
Fri 21 Jun 8pm

Frida Kahlo’s soul echoes in many of us. Her diversities, love, injuries and suffering were the subject of her artworks. As if putting brush strokes on a canvas, Ana Lines paints the colourful and dramatic life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo with all its highlights and shadows. An invitation, like Frida’s self-portraits, through a doorway into her home, life, heart and soul. DETAILS >

Sat 22 Jun 8pm

An epic story with something for everyone – a steamy seduction, a heroic monster-slaying, a terrifying battle with heaven, and a grief-stricken hero’s quest. David Novak makes Gilgamesh a dynamic, living story that speaks to our time. Five thousand years later, the story stands as history’s earliest written epic, and a pattern for all great stories that follow. DETAILS >

A Night of Magical Myths: Festival Closing Showcase
Sun 23 Jun 8pm

A night of magical myths ranging from tropical jungles to icy mountains that celebrate the diversity of the oral tradition. David takes us to the edge of darkness as he grapples with Death. Daniel explores heartbreak and terror through Celtic legends. Barbecued husbands are dished out in Ana’s Brazilian tales. Lovers struggle to remain together in Martina’s Italian folktale. DETAILS >

Part of StoryFest 2019
The Storytelling Centre The Arts House
National Arts Council Singapore

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