"Stars don't shine because they want to be seen;
they shine because they are stars."

- Alexander den Heijer -

Hello Beautiful Shining <<First Name>>,

Two weeks ago, I asked you a very important question:

"Are you REALLY ready to shine?"

Here's a little secret for you...

At the end of the day, ready or not, you're IT.

In fact, our loving Universe has a very good sense of humor in that, it LOVES to call and choose those who are not yet ready.

Want to hear another secret?

Being ready is NOT a requirement to shine because all of us -- yes, that includes YOU, <<First Name>> -- we are all created to SHINE!

So whatever doubts and second guessing you may have...
Asking yourself if you really have what it takes to answer your life's call...

Let this be your permission and confirmation from the Universe.

You don't need to be ready, <<First Name>>. 
You just have to say YES and follow God's leading.

You don't need to have everything figured out.
You just have to take that next obvious step and the rest will be revealed.

TRUST that as you continue to walk on this path, you have Divine wisdom, guidance, and inspiration leading you every step of the way.  
Peace, Love, and Light!

ps. There's a reason why I call you, BEAUTIFUL SHINING SOUL...Because you just are! *wink*wink*
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