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Months ago...I can't remember when exactly...I felt a strong pull to disconnect from Facebook. 

During the first two weeks, I felt so guilty for suddenly "disappearing" because posting uplifting messages in Facebook is one way that I was contributing in making this world brighter.

It felt like I was abandoning my mission. (Aside from that, I could imagine that some of my friends would be worried by my absence and silence.) 

But because this was not the first time that I felt this pull to disconnect, I trusted that pull.

I trusted that this is a necessary part of my soul's unfolding. And even though it doesn't seem like it, I trusted that this is where I can best contribute and serve Life at this stage in my life. Above all, I trusted the inner peace and bliss that came with following this pull.

Now, I'm slowly easing back into going back "online" and re-connecting with friends.

It's a little scary because I don't want to burst the bubble that I am in. But I also know that staying disconnected, moving forward, would be me hiding and running away from reality already.

Staying disconnected doesn't feel aligned anymore. I can already feel the unrest in my soul, signalling to me that it is time for me to re-connect with the world once again. 

Why am I sharing all these? 

Because, <<First Name>>, answering the call of Life comes in different forms, at different times in our lives.

Some of us are called to contribute in a big way, while some in a more subtle way.

Some are called to contribute in the external world, while some are called to cultivate their internal world. Most of us, though, are called to focus on both.

Some are called to serve in a national or global scale, while some are called to serve in their place of work and their families.

And -- at the very least -- at one point in our lives, we are all called to finally prioritize ourselves after putting other people first our whole lives. 

Nothing is too big or too small. Nothing is insignificant in the eyes of the Universe.

As long as we are coming from a place of service and following the pull of our Spirit, every contribution counts. 

<<First Name>>, what is Life calling forth through you at this moment in your life? 

Take a deep breath. And listen.

Your Spirit is calling.

Will you answer Life's call?

Peace, Love, and Light!

"I am surrendering to something within me that is wanting to emerge."

1 Tool:
A Prayer of Surrender

Ever since I said yes to living my life, I surrendered my life to God's Divine Will. 

I won't say that I am able to follow God's leading without fail. But I do trust that God is bigger than any of my mistakes and missteps. 

Over the years, I've been discovering just how deep this rabbit hole of a surrendered life goes.

It's not an easy life to live. And to be totally frank, there are days when I question how my life has been unfolding thus far. 

But in the grand scheme of things, I do believe that it is in surrendering and allowing that we are able to make manifest the life wanting to emerge through us. 

For this month, I would like to share with you this prayer from A Course in Miracles:
Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say,
and to whom?

If you're feeling called to do so, I invite you to make this a daily prayer.

Listen as Life guides you to what is wanting to emerge through you.

And surrender to Life's unfolding.

5 Tips:
What It Means to Surrender

1. Allowing what is to be what it is
2. Focusing on what we can control 
3. Choosing to see in a higher perspective
4. Giving in to a Higher Power
5. Being one with Life

[Read blog post here]

3 Treats:
To Help Deepen Your Practice of Surrendering

1. One of my teachers, Adyashanti, answering the question: Is it possible to “allow everything to be as it is,” even when you are in the midst of suffering? (link to YouTube video)

2. A beautiful song+prayer of surrender: I Will Surrender by Karen Drucker. (link to YouTube video)

3. A liberating poem by Jeff Foster giving us permission to feel like sh!t, if that's how you're feeling today. (link to YouTube video)
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