September 15, 2018

Today's issue:
- “case of Avakov's backpacks”: the only suspect was given the probation period;
- NABU prepared a notice of suspicion for SBU official, SAPO refused to sign it; 
- NABU and SAPO served a notice of suspicion to the Infrastructure Minister;
- NABU and SAPO report August 2018;
- future of Ukraine's fight against corruption;
- Automaidan activists were indicted for "attacking a statesman";
- prominent lawyer Roman Maselko may be deprived of attorney's licence

Avakov's Backpacks Case: The Only Suspect Was Given the Probation Period

The court approved plea deal between SAPO and a middleman Lytvyn. State losses were decreased from 14 mln UAH to 5 mln UAH. Lytvyn co-operated with investigation and provided allegedly accusatory evidence regarding citizen Parkhomenko... who died in 2015. More details

NABU Prepared A Notice Of Suspicion For SBU Official, SAPO Refused To Sign It
On September 13, head of the SBU anticorruption unit, hero of numerous journalist investigations Pavlo Demchyna announced that NABU has prepared a notice of suspicion for him on alleged illicit enrichment. According to NABU, the leakage of information took place after they sent the notice to SAPO. NABU explained in details what is incriminated to the official. Thus, according to the investigation, in the period 26.04.2015 - 31.12.2016, having no pre-earned income that would allow him to save money in order to acquire assets, he has bought and registered on family members assets worth 3.76 million UAH (almost 150,000 USD), legality of grounds for obtaining of which is not confirmed. On September 14 SAPO informed mockingly on their FB page that they were not going to sign the notice of suspicion. 

NABU And SAPO Served A Notice Of Suspicion To The Infrastructure Minister

On September 13, NABU and SAPO served a notice of suspicion to the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian. He is suspected in illicit enrichment and failure to declare assets. Omelian rejects accusations. We are waiting for more details. 

NABU and SAPO Report August 2018: most persons exposed on corruption are judges. More details

Business entities from 23 countries are involved in Ukrainian corruption. More details

The Future of Ukraine's Fight Against Corruption

SAPO chief Nazar Kholodnytskyi was selected by a commission involving employees of the discredited and distrusted Prosecutor’s General Office. In fact, potential targets of SAPO cases were choosing its leadership. Would a turkey vote for Christmas? 

A new head of SAPO must be chosen strictly in line with International Monetary Fund requirements, which were not followed in the 2015 selection of Kholodnytskyi. Full text of the article by Daria Kaleniuk

Automaidan Activists Were Indicted For
"Attacking A Statesman"

On September 10 Automaidan activists were indicted for 'attacking a statesman.' Almost a year ago they threw 3 eggs at Poroshenko's Block MP Oleg Barna. The investigation concluded that the MP was beaten. Though at maximum it can be considered as an disorderly conduct - not at all as multiple beatings -

Sergiy Hadzhynov, Oleg Pushak and Bogdan Melnyk may face from 4 to 7 years in prison. The proceeding intensified right after December 2017 motorcade "A Blanket for the Prosecutor General" near Lutsenko's house. Barna informed that he did not appeal to the law enforcement agencies. This 'extremely complicated' case was investigated by 10 officers.

Prominent Lawyer Roman Maselko May Be Deprived Of Attorney's Licence

On September 20, Roman Maselko will go to the Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission of Lviv region to explain why he:

- criticizes the judicial reform in his videoblog on Channel 24
- supports the judge whistle-blower
Larysa Golnyk
- issued a reference letter for the judge whistle-blower Serhii Bondarenko
- and whether he is a secret agent of NABU?

On May 24, the Commission issued him a warning regarding a post on Facebook. The aim is quite obvious – to show that he systematically violates attorney’s ethics and deprive him of the license. More details

Roman Maselko is a prominent lawyer, attorney of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes families, Automaidan activist, Public Integrity Council member. 

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