October 16, 2020
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Today's issue:
- Pechersk court illegally closes NABU investigation against Zlochevskyi;
- First meeting of SAPO's head Selection Commission raises tensions;
- The biggest failures of PG Venediktova during her time in the office; 
- New HCJ members to be appointed under old non-transparent procedure; 
- #VisabanKremlinAgents - Dossier of Ihor Palytsia; 

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Pechersk court illegally closes NABU investigation against Zlochevskyi

On October 12, Pechersk court of Kyiv illegally interfered with the jurisdiction of the HACC and obiged NABU detectives to close investigation of $6mln bribe given on behalf of Mykola Zlochevskyi. The NABU will appeal the court order to the Appellate Chamber of the HACC.  Later this week Pecherk Court also obliged prosecutors to withdraw suspicion notice of KDAC's judge Pavlo Vovk. 

First meeting of SAPO's head Selection Commission raises tensions

On October 13, the first meeting of the SAPO's head Selection Commission was held. The Commission had to decide on the Rules of Procedure of the selection process, but during 5-hour discussion did not manage to reach the agreement. Also, the issue of further participation of Yuriy Drozd was raised (he is a police officer, and it is prohibited by law for him to be a member of the Selection Commission), but it was not resolved either. The CSOs demand his dismissal to protect the integrity and legality of the selection process.

The biggest failures of PG Venediktova during her time in the office

More than six months passed since Iryna Venediktova took the position of the Prosecutor General Office. The AntAC examined the results of her work. It seems that the PG does not have real achievements, but we can easily name her top failures. Also, this week journalists reported that Venediktova blocks Bakmatiuk's extradition request to Austria for four months.

New HCJ members to be appointed under old non-transparent procedure

The Congress of Judges of Ukraine plans to appoint four new members of the High Council of Justice (HCJ) as the term of the HCJ head Anatolii Ovsienko and other three judicial members expires. However, the candidates` integrity won`t be scrutinized as envisaged by international commitments of Ukraine. 

In particular,  by signing an agreement with the IMF and the EU, Ukraine committed itself to a qualitative renewal of the HCJ that suggests the establishment of an independent panel partially composed of international experts assessing candidates` integrity. Although the relevant draft law has been drafted by the Ministry of Justice, it still has not been submitted for the consideration in the Parliament.
Thus, the integrity of four new HCJ members may be questioned once the independent panel is created. The Congress of Judges will take place on December 8-10, 2020. Judges also plan to select a member of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. 
#VisabanKremlinAgents - Dossier of Ihor Palytsia

We continue our investigations under #VisaBanKremlinAgents project.  We present a dossier of Ihor Palytsia, lifelong business partner and trusted person of oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky. 

Ihor Palytsia and his party are heavily attacking key reforms envisioned by the Ukraine-IMF cooperation and Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic vector, but at the same time, Palytsia and his family hold luxurious assets in Austria, France, and Switzerland. Among those assets are luxurious housing in Geneva, and ski resort in Austria.
Although Ihor Palytsia claims he has divorced his wife in 2002, there are serious grounds to believe that their divorce is fictitious to hide the assets under his wife's name. In January 2020, his wife and son became official business partners of Ihor Kolomoysky in the oil and weapon businesses. One of their companies, US-based Gray Fox Aviation and Logistics Inc., failed to supply Ukraine with large calibre weapons worth $16,6 mln and didn't return the money. The case is currently investigated by NABU.
Also, Ihor Palytsia extensively uses his charity funds to illegally finance his election campaign in hidden bribery of voters. He also controls semi-military group "Varta Poryadku" which in fact is his "private army".
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