November 15, 2020
Today's issue:
- Legal Policy Committee ignored resolution of the constitutional crisis;
- NABU and NAPC urge to restore anti-corruption legislation;
- Bakanov opposes the SBU reform;

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Legal Policy Committee ignored resolution of the constitutional crisis

The Legal Policy Committee of the Parliament managed to hold a hearing on consideration of the draft laws aimed at resolving the constitutional crisis only on Friday, November 13. The Committee did not support any of the proposed draft laws and decided to continue their consideration.

The decision means that none of the draft laws would be voted during the upcoming plenary session in the first reading. Thus, the resolution of the constitutional crisis is delayed for several weeks yet again. 
However, the Committee made the dangerous decision to announce a new competition for the vacant position of the judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. However, updated competition procedures are not foreseen. At the same time, civil society organizations call for an open and inclusive process of the selection of judges.

NABU and NAPC urge to restore anti-corruption legislation

The National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention issued statements urging the Parliament to restore the criminal liability for submitting false e-declarations and related legislation by the end of the year. Otherwise, all those officials who submit the declarations during the upcoming year will avoid liability for stating false information in the declarations of 2020.

Bakanov opposes the SBU reform

The head of SBU Ivan Bakanov criticized the SBU reform draft law developed by the Parliament for limiting the powers of the service.  He defended securing SBU's redundant powers to investigate economic and organized crime. In fact, such powers contradict Ukraine's commitment to reform security service under NATO standards.

Bakanov accused some "enemy special services" in an attempt to influence the reform of the SBU and claimed the planned weakening of the service. Meantime, human rights activist claim that most of the cases investigated by the SBU does not concern national security issues.
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