November 16, 2018

Today's issue:
- AntAC presented online register of criminal cases dumped by SAPO;
- anticorruption court and NABU news;

- Hrechkivskyi’s case: why the Prosecutor General did not catch the big fish;
- verification of beneficial ownership data: next steps to get the reform done;
- "Avakov, go away!" campaign on November 17;
- attack on AntAC;
- recommended reading

AntAC presented online register of criminal cases dumped by SAPO
On November 15, AntAC presented online register of criminal cases dumped by SAPO. 
There were high expectations regarding the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) of investigating and defending of top-corruption cases in courts.  Instead, SAPO simply started to turn into the second PGO. And its head Nazar Kholodnytskyi has already become a "dear friend" for corrupt politicians. 
photos by Ukraine Crisis Media Center
AntAC has collected information about 13 cases in which some SAPO prosecutors as well as their chief personally dumped perspective investigations. Among these cases are: Avakov's backpacks, apartment bribe to Suprun, Kolomoiskyi's UIA, illicit enrichment of SBU official Demchyna, Firtash's plant, Kurchenko's oil products, black ledger of Okhendovskyi and others.
This register will be regularly updated, and we will continue following the actions of SAPO prosecutors. Should the prosecutors change their behavior in specific proceedings, these cases will be turned inactive on the website. 
For more details, please, visit the website (English version):
During his recent visit to Kyiv, Commissioner Hahn praised the work of NABU and also stressed on the importance to reestablish credibility of SAPO. 
Anticorruption court and NABU news 
  • Anticorruption court: the High Qualification Commission of Judges started assessing written assignments of candidates. This may take 1-3 weeks, according to the HQCJ.  When results are announced, the Public Council of International Experts will have 30 days to filter out questionable candidates. However, in the last week there has been no progress in resolving any of the issues (access to information, funding to cover costs of PCIE stay and work) that are necessary to enable the PCIE to implement their mandate. This looks as a part of the strategy aimed at forcing the PCIE to ban as few questionable candidates as possible. 
  • Following Automaidan's investigation and upon AntAC's appeal NABU started to investigate false statements in the e-declaration of Kharkiv judge. On November 7 she was handed the notice of suspicion;
Hrechkivskyi’s case: why the Prosecutor General did not catch the big fish

Two years have passed since the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko announced about loud exposure of the member of the High Council of Justice Pavlo Hrechkivskyi allegedly being part of the bribery scheme. The amount of half a million USD was named. Recently, the first instance court passed acquittal. What was wrong with that case? More details

Verification of beneficial ownership data:
next steps to get the reform done

Though Ukraine is a front-runner in disclosing information about companies’ beneficial ownership, subject legislation still contains loopholes and is implemented only partially, while lack of effective sanctions can cause the reform never going beyond progressive legislation.

In 2017, conditionality on beneficial ownership verification was among those which Ukraine failed to implement and therefore lost the third tranche of the EU Macro-Financial Assistance. In 2018, under EU-Ukraine MoE on new Macro-Financial Assistance, Ukraine once again obliged to introduce a number of measures to ensure effective beneficial ownership verification.

In our brief, we are explaining what steps are to be taken with regards to beneficial ownership verification. Full text

Tomorrow, on November 17 activists will rally "Avakov, go away!". We are convinced that the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is personally responsible for the lawlessness and lack of order in the country. 

Those who stand behind the assassinations of Kateryna Handziuk, Mykola Bychko, Mykola Yarema, Vitaliy Oleshko and Iryna Nozdrovska, as well as those who ordered attacks on activists all over Ukraine are still not brought to accountability.

Avakov must resign. 
Attacks on AntAC
Akhmetov's TV channel "Ukrayina" screened a new defamation movie about AntAC head of board Vitaliy Shabunin called "Shabunin's business". This is not the first time this channel does films about Shabunin - previously there were "Following the Grant-Eaters" and "Following the Grant-Eaters 2".

The new movie manipulates about the land plot owned by international charitable fund "Youth With A Mission" (global movement of Christians) and ridiculously attempts to relate the land to Shabunin.
Recommended Reading
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