January 27, 2021
Today's issue:
- Committee on Legal Policy sabotages judicial reform;
- New attempts to rescue Tatarov from the prosecution;
- High Council of Justice once again hits judges of High Anti-corruption Court;
- Minister of Healthcare attacks transparent medical procurements;

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Committee on Legal Policy sabotages judicial reform

During winter holidays members of the Committee on Legal Policy changed the wording of draft law No. 3711, which provides for the relaunch of the High Qualification Commission of Judges. The role of international experts in the selection process was nullified, all the power was handed to the unreformed High Council of Justice.

On January 27, the Committee has supported the draft law for the first reading, although it contradicts international obligations of Ukraine and recommendations of the Venice Commission.
New attempts to rescue Tatarov from the prosecution
Office of the President (OP) and Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) continue attempts to rescue deputy head of the OP from the criminal prosecution (NABU charged him with conspiracy for the facilitation of bribe). They apply illegal methods to transfer investigation from NABU and develop harmful legislative amendments to interfere with NABU's jurisdiction.
The OP and PGO prepared specialized draft law aimed at eliminating independence of NABU and SAPO and giving PG the powers to take cases from NABU. Although the draft law has not been registered yet, the similar provisions are included in draft laws No.3009a and No.4329 currently considered by the Parliament.
On January 13, the HACC confirmed NABU's jurisdiction over the case. On January 21, the PG prosecutors changed initial charges of ex-MP Mykytas, in order to remove consideration of the case from HACC's jurisdiction. However, on January 27 the HACC's judges refused to recognize the change of jurisdiction and requested the case file to be transferred to HACC.
High Council of Justice once again hits judges of High Anti-corruption Court
On January 13, the HCJ reprimanded еру HACC judge Tymur Khamzin for approving search warrant in the cabinet of the judge of Kyiv District Administrative Court Keleberda. In fact, the HCJ did not have the right to review the factual basis of Khamzin's decision. Thus, it appears that the HCJ decision is illegal and is a part of the HCJ's pressure at HACC to discourage its judges to fairly trial KDAC case. 
Minister of Healthcare attacks transparent medical procurements

Besides significant budget savings and effective medical procurements of SE "Medical Procurement of Ukraine", MoH Stepanov continues to block the work of the agency and the attempt to change its director. In the recent move, the Ministry issued two complaints regarding agency's director Arsen Zhumadilov, which may become a formal reason to initiate a procedure of his dismissal.

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