August 31, 2021
Today's issue:
- Ukrainian reformers appealed to Biden regarding Nord Stream 2;
- Leading NGOs call to halt illegal selection of the CCU judges;
- Head of Bureau of Economic Security is selected following staged competition;
- Gambling Commissioner caught on bribery turned to be acting SBU officer;

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Ukrainian reformers appealed to Biden regarding Nord Stream 2

Ukrainian reformers from various sectors appealed to the US President Joe Biden calling to reverse course on Nord Stream 2 and block its construction.

Nord Stream 2 is a prime example of Putin's strategic corruption, which is, in fact, his weapon in the war against the democratic world conducted since 2008:

Leading NGOs call to halt illegal selection of the CCU judges
On August 17, the President adopted the Regulation on the selection of the Constitutional Court judges appointed by the President. He also appointed 7 members of the selection commission. However,  as of now, there are no vacant seats in the CCU under the President's quota. NGOs has appealed to the President not to launch the competition and appoint new judges as it will only deepen the crisis and threaten the legitimacy of the CCU and its decisions. 
In the course of wider judicial reform, NGOs also appealed to the members of the High Council to speed up the reform and resign as soon as possible. Many of the HCJ members have a very questionable reputation (like Pavlo Grechkivsky) and their voluntary resignation will only speed up the course of reform. In the meantime, members of the Ethics Council for cleaning of the HCJ and members of the Selection Panel for High Qualification Commission of Judges should be nominated by September 11. 
Head of Bureau of Economic Security is selected following staged competition
On August 20, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed head of the State Fiscal Service Vadym Melnyk to the position of the head of the Bureau of Economic Security. Many observers pointed out that the selection process was non-transparent and staged because the selection committee was composed of political appointees and not independent experts. Melnyk was named as the winner of the selection process long before its start.
Gambling Commissioner caught on bribery turned to be acting SBU officer
The NABU detained member of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries Yevhen Melnyk for the receipt of bribe in the amount of $90,000. During the court hearing on August 28, it was revealed that Melnyk has a badge of an acting SBU officer, uses a car officially owned by the SBU and сovert car plates. Melnyk was released on bail of $185,000.
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