August 31, 2018

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Court Rejected AntAC’s Appeal Regarding Closure of “Avakov’s Backpacks Case”
Vadym Senin, judge of Solomyansky District Court of Kyiv, returned AntAC’s appeal. We are convinced that this decision is exclusively the political act of mutual covering up, and we will go further to the court of appeal. More details
The Court Abolished SAPO Decision To Close General Tkachuk’s Case

A criminal proceeding concerned possible illicit enrichment and declaration of false information by chief of the National Land Forces Academy Pavlo Tkachuk. As a reminder, SAPO prosecutors came to the conclusion that Tkachuk did not have to declare an elite house, where he lives with his family, as on December 31, 2015 he was not seen in it due to being on vacation. More details

Poroshenko Appointed Two More Dubious Judges To The Supreme Court

On August 30 President Poroshenko appointed to the Supreme Court judges Slynko and Symonenko, both blacklisted last year by the Public Integrity Council. Thus, Sergiy Slynko is known for confirming a guilty verdict for Yuriy Lutsenko in 2013.  Symonenko is known for holding tax ID number of the Russian Federation, which she allegedly received after occupation of Crimea. Also her motivational letter contained a lot of grammar mistakes. More details

Judge Who Successfully Passed Qualifications Assessment Caught Taking Bribe

On April 24, 2018 judge Volodymyr Ponomarenko passed assessment and was recognized as honest by the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Since May he receives salary totalling to around 3,700 USD per month. On August 27 he was caught by NABU, SBU and SAPO obtaining a 1,100 USD bribe. More details

Director of Lviv Armor Vehicle Factory, Suspected By NABU Of Embezzlement, Was Dismissed

Roman Tymkiv was dismissed from the position on August 28. It is noted that Tymkiv made ineffective decisions which led to untimely repair of military equipment. Due to this, the Lviv Armor Vehicle Factory is obliged by court to pay penalties in favor of the customer. More details

Pre-trial investigation in the criminal case against Tymkiv was completed in March.

NABU Auditing Commission Demands
Amendments To The Law 

On August 28 NABU auditor Volodymyr Vasylenko informed that the audit has not yet started. The commission stressed on the importance to amend the law on NABU. According to them, current version does not fully cover their rights and responsibilities, neither it provides for material, financial and technical support for the auditing process.

Earlier another auditor Pavlo Zhebrivskyi stated that if these legislative amendments are not adopted by the end of September, he will resign. More details.
It is worth recalling, that in March 2018 an independent international expert panel completed assessment of NABU effectiveness, efficiency and independence, gave the institution overall positive evaluation and provided recommendations. The assessment was commissioned by the international partners (US Embassy in Ukraine and the EU Anticorruption Initiative in Ukraine) upon request of NABU.
NABU Is Still Deprived Of Full Access
To E-Declarations Registry

On August 30 NABU informed that they still don’t have full access to the e-declarations registry. They were groundlessly deprived of such an access by the NACP. This violates the law on NABU and hampers their investigations of illicit enrichment and false statement in e-declarations. More details

On August 28, head of the SBI Roman Truba rejected 27 candidates for top positions in the Bureau because of suspicion on treason and corruption. During a press briefing, he raised concerns about the work of the external commission which shortlisted these notorious finalists. This commission was highly criticized by the public too. Moreover, Truba reported that the commission destroyed winners’ polygraph results of competition. RFE/RL Schemy program did journalistic investigation on the work of the commission. More details from Truba's briefing.
Simultaneously with rejecting 27 candidates, selected by the external commission, Truba announced that he appointed to positions of deputy heads of regional departments those candidates who won another competition and had already undergone his special examination. MP Mustafa Nayyem stressed that his team expressed concerns also regarding integrity of the appointed candidates. Nayyem suggests it is important to adopt the draft law which will dissolve the external commission, change appointment procedure and ensure transparent competition to the Public Control Council. Nayyem's Facebook post
One third of necessary signatures have been collected under the #SaveOlegSentsov petition to the White House.
The September 8 deadline is approaching fast and we need your help. Please, sign it and share, help us raise our voices about Kremlin's crimes!

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