September 14, 2021
Today's issue:
- Council of Judges blocks the judicial reform;
- Constitutional Court again threatens High Anti-corruption Court;
- Ex-MP Logvynskyi is trying to bury the "Golden Mandarin" case through the Supreme Court;

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Council of Judges blocks the judicial reform

At a meeting held on September 13, members of the Council of Judges had to nominate their candidates to the Ethics Council for the High Council of Justice (HCJ) and the Selection Commission for the High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ).  Previously, on September 10, the international partners submitted the candidates to those panels under their quota, all of them have superior professional credentials and high integrity.

In turn, the Council of Judges has voted for dishonest candidates to the Selection Commission, which will select members of the HQCJ. At the same time, the Council of Judges in violation of the law has refused to delegate its representatives to the Ethics Council, which will review the integrity of members and candidates for the HCJ. The establishment of the Ethics Council is a key part of judicial reform as it has to directly clean the main judicial body of dishonest members. Without the nomination of the Council of Judges, the Ethics Council cannot become operational. Thus, for now, their move effectively blocks the implementation of judicial reform.
Constitutional Court again threatens High Anti-corruption Court
On September 16, the Constitutional Court plans to resume consideration of the appeal on the unconstitutionality of the High Anit-corruption Court started last year. The Constitutional Court will hold close hearings on the case. Thus, the decision can be made at any given moment. The case is a part of a coordinated attack on anti-corruption infrastructure. Previously, the CCU made negative decisions on NABU, illicit enrichment, and electronic asset declaration system.
Ex-MP Logvynskyi  is trying to bury the "Golden Mandarin" case through the Supreme Court
Last year, NABU detectives issued notices of suspicion to six people involved in the so-called "Golden Mandarin" case of misappropriation of more than 54 mln UAH. However,  detectives have been unable to formally charge the alleged organizer of the scheme ex-MP Logvysnkyi as he enjoys immunity as a husband of a judge of the European Court of Human Rights. Now, Logvynskyi is baselessly trying to bury the case through lawsuits to the Supreme Court of Ukraine.
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