July 21, 2021
Today's issue:
- Ukraine receives a chance for real judicial reform;
- Avakov resigned from the position of the Minister of Interior;
- Parliament fails important environmental initiative in favour of oligarchs;

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Ukraine receives a chance for real judicial reform

On July 13-14, Ukrainian Parliament adopted two laws that will give a start for the crucial stage of judicial reform - relaunching main judicial governance bodies High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) and High Council of Justice (HCJ). 

On Tuesday, July 13, the Parliament voted for the adoption of law No. 3711-d on HQCJ relaunch with amendments following the President's veto. The amendments aimed to resolve technical discrepancies regarding the process of voting of international experts, which has occurred at the plenary during the adoption of the law during the second reading.
On Wednesday, July 14, the Parliament passed law No.5068 on the relaunch of the HCJ with the participation of independent international experts. The law provides for the establishment of the independent body, the Ethics Council, which will assess the integrity of all candidates to the HCJ as well as perform a one-time assessment of the acting HCJ members. During the hearing, MPs passed the important amendment which enables prompt dismissal of the HCJ members disqualified by the Ethics Council.
Later that week MPs of Batkivshchyna, OPzZH, and Dovira factions registered several resolutions to strike down the adoption of draft laws No.5068 and No.3711-d. The move technically paused the signing of the laws. However, on July 20, the Parliament gathered an extraordinary hearing and declined those resolutions, thus clearing the way for signing laws and start of implementation of the refrom.
Avakov resigned from the position of the Minister of Interior
On July 15, the Parliament approved the resignation of Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov, who stayed in the office for 7.5 years. Unfortunately, Avakov did not bear any political responsibility for his wrongdoings in the office, firstly and foremostly, failed police reform. MP Denys Monastyrsky, head of the Law Enforcement Committee and a person considered to be close to Avakov, was appointed a Minister of Interior on July 16.
Parliament fails important environmental initiative in favour of oligarchs
On July 15, the Parliament considered a package of environmental laws. Despite approving several good initiatives, like draft law No.3091 on enhancing capacities of environmental inspections, the MPs failed important draft law No.4167 on control and reduction of industrial pollution. Meantime, Ukraine is one of the biggest industrial polluters in Europe, most of the pollution comes from coal power plants owned by Ukrainian oligarchs not investing in proper modernization of the equipment.
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