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Thank you to the person who left a nice rating for Audible Kragyn. I will be doing a drawing at the end of the month for the rest of the promotional codes for  a FREE Audible Kragyn. Just send me an email at with the subject line Audible Kragyn and I will draw names from those entries. Make sure to put US or UK. Only people who can access US or United Kingdom for Audible can use the codes.

The first draft "Joven's Bride" is finished and I am doing the initial editing an rewrites for the first reading. I am recruiting  beta readers to read and critique the story for the second round of edits. This is strictly voluntary. Anyone interested, email me with Beta Read in the subject line and what format you need.

Below you will find the box set of the Narovian Series at a bargain price. It is also in Kindle Unlimited. It started as a group of short stories that set the basis for the Interstellar Matchmaking Series and the Farseek Series. The Narovian feline humanoid lore is pertinent to Joven's Bride. It's not necessary to read, but you will understand Narovian felines better. As with all my books it's super steamy and not for children.

My books that are not in KU are free on AMAZON US and Smashwords for everywhere else.
Also in this issue I have some new releases from fellow authors you might enjoy.

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This book will be ready for beta reads and critiques soon. To volunteer email me with Beta Read in the subject line.
From my Backlist: Narovian Mates Series Box Set

This boxset contains all the Narovian Books published so far

Dream Alien
Alien Trader
Alien Alliances
Alien Captain


I screwed up.

I ignored the warnings and wandered too far from home. And now a colossal alien warlord has got me tied up. He’s all horns, claws, and muscles upon muscles. My captor is savage, ruthless, dominant. Everything I hate.

And yet, the look in his alien eyes makes my heart race and my stomach flutter…

He’s supposed to be my enemy.
I want him to be so much more.

(complete description on Amazon)

She’ll face her fears to gain his love.

On the planet Hethdiss, shy and timid Phoebe faces a dilemma: two aliens want her. One, the pushy Iriel, claims he’s the only one who can protect her from the horrors of this dangerous world. Drazal, though, makes her think there might be more to life than playing it safe—with him, her whole body comes alive. But tempting two Sidyth males is a dangerous game for a human woman to play.

Drazal’s certain Phoebe doesn’t want to be with Iriel. But Iriel’s the one she turned to in a moment of terror. He’s the one who claims her as his own. And Drazal’s equally sure she’ll never be truly happy unless she learns to stand up for herself.

When bigger problems take center stage on Hethdiss, however, Phoebe’s fears are laid bare for all to see. And in that moment, there’s only one alien she wants. One alien she’ll face hell to gain. No matter how much danger that might land her in.

Abducted by the Alien, the sixth book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it is free of any cheating, and includes a guaranteed HEA with hot alien action. Get your copy today!   AVAILABLE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED


BBW Polyamorous Paranormal Romance

Sci-Fi geek Jennifer is fed up. Her family is unsupportive and her love life is far from satisfactory. It's not her fault that she has a super healthy libido.

Desperation leads her to volunteer for a partnership program offered by the Alliance of Autonomous Planets that promises to match her with her perfect mate(s). Maybe she will finally find relief. Human men have been a disappointment.

Will an alien mate fulfill her desires? Are shifters a real thing?

Opposites attract is one of the oldest sayings but it has never been so true until now.

Astronauts Kate and Ryan left Earth thinking that they’d see more than any explorer before or after them. Had NASA known about their secret love they never would have let the two go off together.

Not far into their mission they are abducted by alien space pirates. The two pirates had every intention of selling the two unique individuals from the blue planet on their own home planet to the highest bidder as sex slaves.

That all changed when Galena and Stone who was as tall as he was long decided to sample the goods first. Once that happened all bets were off and they got the surprise of their lives when they arrived at home.

There’s only one way for the four of them to survive!

This books series contains material not suitable for children.

Cyborg Awakenings: Amazon  Smashwords  Prolific Works
Vyken Dark:  Amazon 99c
Jolt Somber: Amazon $1.99
Talia's Cyborg:
Books 1-3 Available in Kindle Unlimited
The Aledan Series is romance set in space opera, part science fiction, part adventure and part family saga. It starts with Hankura and Chelle whose love story is carried through the series with a new romance between central characters in each subsequent book of the series. Revised with new content.

Books included in this box set: Psion Mates Prequel, The Aledan Psion, Oltarin The Horse Clans Colony, Surviving Zevus Mar, Psion Factor, Psion's Children, Calan the Psion Factor Son

Author Warning: **Mild Language**Graphic Sex Scenes**Intended for Adults Only**Possible Triggers (Surviving Zevus Mar)** 

(complete description on Amazon)


. Angel World is no heaven…
Held prisoner, Violet never anticipated her long-lost mother would be the poisonous queen of angel world. Or that she'd be forced to rule as a corrupted princess or risk a perilous escape.
When a harem boy angel draws Violet into the dark court, she's thrown into deadly trials that even her monstrous powers may not be able to overcome. If she refuses, both the snarky angel and geek vampire she loves will be enslaved to a powerful cult.
No matter what she chooses, she'll be facing the dangers of angel world on the eve of war....


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