Friday, June 9th

Here's what the left and the right have to say about:
The attack in Iran and Comey’s Testimony.

On June 7, five Islamic State militants armed with guns and explosives stormed the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Tehran, killing over a dozen people.
Following the attack, President Trump tweeted that, while “we grieve and pray for the innocent victims...we underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.”

From the LEFT

The left is censuring Trump’s pigheaded remark on the Islamic State’s attack, fuming that the statement “cross[ed] an unspoken line in world affairs” and paled in comparison to the empathetic condolences given by other leaders.
Some on the left also lamented the Senate’s decision to approve a bill that would “impose new sanctions on Iran” the day after the attacks; but others sought to justify the bill, arguing that it would be altered “to sanctions on Russia.”
The left worries that the Trump administration’s reaction, combined with his partiality towards Saudi Arabia, will “[increase] sectarianism and regional strife” and threaten US objectives in the Middle East.
With Iran’s rejection of US “claims of friendship," Trump’s current strategy to isolate Iran could undermine previous diplomatic progress which culminated in the 2015 nuclear deal. In addition to nuclear concerns, this continued antagonism toward Iran threatens to detract from the shared fight against ISIS, which "would benefit only the forces of mayhem” that perpetuate terror attacks.

From the RIGHT

The right also disagrees with Trump’s statement concerning the attack, calling on the President to “save… political messages for another occasion” and convey solidarity “regardless of where [victims of terrorism] live.” 
Some, however, focused on how the assault unequivocally dispelled the mainstream media myth that the Islamic State’s main objective is to dissuade Western multiculturalism, arguing that the Islamic State’s primary goal instead is simply to “kill as many infidels as possible and to usher in the Caliphate.” 
With Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps alleging American involvement and clerics and hardliners chanting “Death to America” following the attack, there is fear of Iranian retaliation against the US. US officials deemed that a recent drone-strike against US forces in Syria was “likely connected to Iran or Hezbollah”, testifying to the Republic’s “increased willingness” to take military action against the US in the wake of the attack.
Lastly, there is concern that the Islamic State’s attack would provide Iran’s government with the “opportunity to...infringe upon civil rights” and curb civilian dissent in the country.

Reactions to Comey's testimony:

From the LEFT

The left is hailing Comey’s ability to deliver a scathing testimony while withstanding numerous attempts to discredit him. Confirming earlier statements, Comey relayed a condemning recollection of Trump’s attempt to coerce him into dropping the investigation against Michael Flynn, stating that the President intentionally emptied the room beforehand.
Further testifying to Trump’s untrustworthiness, some suspect that Comey revealed the existence of Justice Department investigations into Trump for possible Russian election collusion and obstruction of justice. However, others believe that Comey’s appearance incriminated Attorney General Jeff Sessions more than Trump and urged “special counsel get to the bottom of this matter.”

From the RIGHT

The right is labeling Comey’s testimony “a giant nothing-burger” in the ongoing Russo-Trump investigation, celebrating his confirmation that dropping the investigation into Mike Flynn would not have affected the FBI’s investigation into Russian election tampering, which weakens the left’s claims of collusion.
Instead, the right is concerned about other aspects of Comey’s testimony, namely a reported attempt by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to influence the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Comey stated that her language “confused and concerned me.” The right also found Comey’s admission that he leaked information deeply disturbing, claiming that it caused needless harm to Trump’s reputation and provided unnecessary impetus for a special prosecutor.

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