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April 2021
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A Harmful Effect of Divorce: Parental Alienation
Children have a right to maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents and to maintain frequent and continuing contact with both Mother and Father.  It goes without saying that they need to be shielded from their parents’ conflicts.  Most parents would not intentionally harm their children, but your behavior regarding the other parent can be just as detrimental.

We have all experienced anger toward a loved one, and It is easy to speak out negatively in our aggravation.  Parental alienation can be subtle, moderate or intense.  If it is subtle, you may not even realize you are attempting to distance the child from the other parent.  Disparaging another parent is harmful to your child.  The effects of parental alienation on children can be quite severe including low self-esteem, self-hatred, lack of trust, depression and substance abuse...
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