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Underrepresented Voices: Diversity Matters


Adell Coleman, Chief Content Officer of DCP Entertainment
Why did you choose this theme? 

In the podcast space, It’s important to hear from voices that may not be represented as predominantly. The podcast world is not a cookie cutter, singularly-conceptualized industry, and it should represent the diversity of consumers.

Podcast Picks:
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Picked Last In Gym Class

Paralympian Lacey Henderson talks to influencers, entrepreneurs, athletes, activists, and creatives about powering through life’s challenges and finding the humor through it all. 

Make It Plain

Mark Thompson talks politics, breaking news, social justice, and human rights. Adell writes about this podcast, "I enjoy this show because Mark Thompson is not afraid to ask the hard hitting questions to political leaders. He cares about the issue of civil rights in the Black community and how the fight is ongoing."


Political analysts Danielle Moodie and Touré discuss the current state of our country’s political climate from a Black perspective in this honest and unfiltered conversation. 

Politics of Food

Host Cristina Gonzalez takes an in depth look into the intentional politicization, economics, and community impact of food on a global scale. Adell writes, "food impacts more than just our nutrition and can be a way to wage wars and control populations." 

Say Their Name

This podcast focuses on the assault and killing of unarmed Black people by police and in ‘Stand Your Ground’ states, highlighting incidents throughout the United States.

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More from Adell Coleman about her podcast picks on Underrepresented Voices: Diversity Matters. And then we're speaking with Jordan Gass Poore. She’s an audio producer at CNN, and an investigative journalist covering the climate crisis and law enforcement. She is also the host and co-founder of Local Switchboard NYC, a local, women-led podcast covering the news from New York City's five boroughs. 

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