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Micro-Casts: Short Podcasts🎙️


Daniel Hill
Why did you choose this theme? 

Micro-casts are short-form audio clips that contain small snippets of information. Typically, people listen to these types of shows on smart speakers or other devices that allow them to consume the content quickly and efficiently.

Podcast Picks:
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The Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories is dedicated to keeping you informed about Instagram, giving you the latest news stories every single day. Do you feel it's challenging to keep up with the latest Insta news and features? In just three minutes, Daniel will keep you informed!

The Gaming Observer: Daily Video Games News

The Gaming Observer is dedicated to informed and analytical reporting towards gaming of all kinds, giving you the most up to date stories every single day.

The Pitch with Amy Summers

This Pitch gives us insight and advice on the art of pitching. A skillful and strategic pitch can land you an interview, new job, promotion, or help you close that next deal. Pitching is a life skill, rooted in the art of communications that can bring you success in business and in life.

Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

Voice Marketing with Emily Binder is an award-winning daily briefing about marketing, voice technology, and business. Host Emily Binder is the Founder of WealthVoice and Beetle Moment Marketing.

Everyday Positivity

Everyday Positivity, hosted by Kate Cocker, is a daily podcast dedicated to helping you start your day on the right foot.

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This Week on Feedback with EarBuds...

We're speaking to Christine Hong. Christine one of the co-founders of Senpai, a platform that allows experts to m
onetize their expertise with asynchronous audio answers while forming a social following. Previously, she founded Auby, worked as a product manager at Tinder and Yahoo, and graduated from Yale with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

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