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We would like to announce the successful launch of the Frasure Reps website,  Our goal for the website is to inform viewers of our product offering, areas of expertise, and projects we have worked on in the past.  If you missed our previous newsletter, it can be found on the News page, located at the top right of our site.  If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products & services, there is a Contact page where we can be reached with inquiries.  Thank you to DeanHouston for helping us create the site.

LED Lighting Revolution Continues to Gain Momentum

According to the latest report 'Global LED Lighting Market (2017 Update)', from Frost & Sullivan, the LED lighting market accounted for almost 60 percent of global lighting in 2016, growing 18.1 percent from the previous year. The report goes on to say that LED lighting is likely to account for 80 percent of the total lighting market by 2020. By 2025, LED will account for 98 percent of the global lighting market.

Similarly, we expect to see continued adoption of LED lighting for sports applications. Older lighting technologies will become less supported by lighting manufacturers as the LED revolution continues.


LSI Control Systems for Sports Courts

LED court lighting offers tremendous energy savings potential over traditional metal halide systems. LED fixtures offer additional advantages because they are simple to control. LSI’s wireless control systems can be paired with the CourtBlade fixtures to offer even more energy savings. A controls system could be used with any court lighting installation, but is probably more appropriate for larger facilities with multiple courts spread out over a large area. The control system can be used to turn lights on and off, dimming, and zone control.
A typical scenario using a LSI control system would incorporate a motion sensor mounted to one or more of the light poles. When the court is unoccupied (no motion), the lights would be off or would be dimmed to a lower output (say 30%). When someone walks onto the court the sensor would detect the motion and turn on all of the fixtures on that court, or increase the light output to 100%. Each court can be “zoned” in this fashion. We see many facilities where the lighting system on multiple courts is simply switched on early in the evening and left on, consuming energy even when the courts are unoccupied. A control system solves this issue and eliminates unnecessary energy consumption. The control system is wireless, so no additional wiring is required.
LSI Gold Controls – our base controls solution – offer one-way communication, quick and easy on-site commissioning, and the ability to edit schedules and manage lights by groups and/or zones. The Gold Control System communicates using a patented 915 MHz mesh radio network employing the standard 802.15.4 protocol.  Each unit is a repeater of radio packets.  The typical range between wireless devices is 300 feet (approx. 100 meters) outdoors with line-of-sight.
LSI Platinum Controls is a best-in-class controls package which offers two-way communications with comprehensive reporting functions. The cloud-based system manages individual lights or zones, and provides remote Internet access via PC/Tablet/Android applications.
Ask us how we can integrate a lighting control system for your next project.


LED Create-A-Court

 The LSI design configurator, Create-A-Court, allows users to construct their own LED lighting designs based upon their selection of preexisting design parameters. Users have the option of creating a layout for tennis, pickleball, volleyball, or basketball, with different numbers of poles depending on the level of play desired at their facility. The lighting designs are offered in the PDF file format for easy web viewing, transfer, and printability.  The design parameters are limited to 4 court layouts, so reach out to us directly for more expansive layouts.  Application layouts are available upon request. Once you have the layout of your choosing, you can contact us via e-mail ( or phone (513-666-4242).

Sun City Festival Pickleball

The grand opening of the new Sun City Festival Pickleball complex was held on March 24, 2017. The new (16) court facility is located in Buckeye, AZ. All of the courts are illuminated for night play with the LSI CourtBlade LED lighting system. The lighting design produces an average of 70 foot-candles of illumination on each court. LSI also supplied LED security lighting fixtures which illuminate the sidewalks throughout the facility. The LED lighting system will provide consistent light levels over a long period of time with little to no maintenance required. In addition, the lighting system will save approximately 50% in energy costs versus traditional metal halide lighting.

Contractor: General Acrylics

Pearson Automotive Tennis Club

The Pearson Automotive Tennis Club in Zionsville, IN opened recently in February 2017 with eight tennis courts, guest lounge, viewing platform, and locker rooms.  It is the first such complex built in the Indianapolis area in 25 years. LSI provided (96) SXS2 LED Indirect fixtures for the facility, which produce over 100 average foot-candles of glare-free illumination. The lighting system is also very efficient which will help reduce the new club’s annual energy cost.

Rosemary Beach Racquet Club

Rosemary Beach Racquet Club, located on northwest Florida’s gulf coast, is one of the world’s top 75 tennis destinations. The facility’s eight Har-Tru courts were illuminated with a traditional Courtsider XL metal halide lighting system. The club recently completed phase one of a lighting upgrade by changing out four of the courts to the LSI LED CourtBlade fixture. Because the existing lighting system was originally supplied by LSI, the retrofit project was relatively simple. The existing poles and brackets were left in place. Due to the fact that the Courtsider XL and the CourtBlade have the same mounting detail, a fixture swap was all that was required. The club has now reduced the energy consumption on the four courts by 50%.
LSI / Frasure Reps coordinated the project with Lower Brothers Tennis Courts. All existing Courtsider XL installations are good candidates for upgrading to LED. Let us know how we can help you with a retrofit project in your area.

Continue on the Journey With Us

As we continue to grow, we want you to be there for updates regarding new and completed projects, happenings within the company, trends occurring in the industry, and informational pieces that would be beneficial for our followers.  If you want to connect with us on Facebook, go to or search Frasure Reps LLC on the top of the page and like our page.  For Twitter, visit us at or search @LSICourtsider on the site and click Follow.  As mentioned before, you can reach us at our new website,, to learn more about our products, areas of expertise, and previous projects.

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