Please don’t forget to pay your charges for use of club boats and the rig tensioner.

It is easy to overlook this in the rush of life but this income is greatly needed to maintain these pieces of equipment. We also derive usage from income and use this information to make key decisions around maintenance, fitting out and quantity of such items.

  • Club boats are £15 per day or part thereof.

  • Rig tensioner is £10 per use.

To pay by cash please use the brown envelopes by the bar, fill in the details and leave in the bar if open or in the rack. Please let Hayley (treasurer) know that it is there.

To pay by bank transfer please notify the treasurer and use the new Natwest account:

  • Gravesend Sailing Club,

  • Sort code: 600910,

  • Account number: 72091576,

  • Reference: item used and surname e.g. “RIGTENSION DAVIES”

As a club we rely on our volunteers and therefore have honesty systems to free up time for other priorities. If the systems are not working rest assured we will review to ensure best value for all members. If you have any feedback please drop me an email or text.

On a similar line, if you haven't yet paid your membership fee please contact Hayley as soon as possible to resolve.