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Jasper's Game Day Event!


We are excited to welcome Fenway Jones from Jasper's Game Day. Jasper's Game Day was created by Fenway Jones and Satine Phoenix as a way to bring awareness to suicide prevention, and to remind everyone that they have friends in the gaming world, at the convention, and friends for life!

Every penny donated during the Jasper's Game Day events will go to the Utah Crisis Line in Orem UT, and Suicide Prevention Services in Salt Lake City.

Learn more about Jasper's Game Day here:

Epic RPG Adventure!

The Epic RPG is back!  We're talking massive, multi-table RPG events!  There will be a D&D Adventurer's League Epic, a Mayhem Epic, and a Tiny Supers Epic.

The Tiny Supers Epic is a three table superhero epic RPG (using Gallant Knight Games' Tiny Supers), where Alan Bahr, Ben Woerner and John Wick will be each running a table featuring a team of superheroes dealing with a city wide threat!

Come join us for these Epic events Thursday and Friday nights at 6pm, Saturday at 10pm.
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Glorantha: After the Dragonrise (Live-Action Roleplay)

John Wick (one of the creators of Legend of the Five Rings as well as the creator of 7th Sea and many more games) will be running an epic Glorantha themed LARP Friday night!

After the Dragonrise tells the story of what happened after a dragon nearly destroyed all of Dragon Pass and how humans struggled to rebuild. It involves many factions, each of which have goals and resources to accomplish those goals. However, nobody has enough resources to get what they want. The game is meant to be played over the course of 4-6 hours with a great number of people (usually at least 3 members per faction).

This will be a new-player friendly LARP, so if you've ever wanted to try LARPing now is the time!
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Event Signups Open!

Event signups are now open! Come and reserve your spot on your favorite events, RPGs, game shows, puzzle hunts, and more!
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Artemis Dominion War Tournament

Each team can only make two attempts to earn the most points.
Points will be awarded for enemy ships destroyed. Points will be lost for each friendly ship destroyed. Major points will be lost for each star base destroyed.
The team who scores the most points will win the tournament and receive awards at the awards ceremony on Saturday night.

There are only a limited number of tournament times available, so get signed up! If they get filled I am sure we can add more!

Prizes will be awarded to the winning team!
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Math Trade

The Math Trade is coming up!

List all the games that you want to trade, and then pick what games you might like to received from all the other games available, and let the algorithm match you up with your trade partners!

It will begin at the beginning of February, watch for more info!

Hot Games

Volunteer for SaltCON

Volunteer at Hot Games
SaltCON Volunteers provide an invaluable role at the convention, and we want to say a sincere Thank You to all of our volunteers that have helped in the past!

We have started scheduling volunteer shifts for SaltCON Spring 2020. Sign up now, and pick your shifts before they fill up. See how fun it can be!
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Game Store Sponsorships!

We love how many board game stores and retailers we have to support our addiction.  Game stores can sponsor tournaments, events, give out swag and more!  Join our list of sponsors and tell our attendees all about what sets you apart! We have unique sponsorships just for game stores.
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Thank you Co-Sponsors!

Only 3 Exhibitor Booths Left!

Exhibitor booths are filling up faster than ever this year!

Want to be a sponsor? Check out our sponsorship opportunities.
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Event Submissions

The schedules for the reserved tables are filling up, but we still have room for some more events.  If you want to schedule a game to run, click below to Submit Your Event so we can get it on there.
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Hotel Block for SaltCON Nearly Full

The hotel block for the Hilton Garden Inn, which is attached to the Davis Conference Center is now available with the SaltCON Rate.  Spring dates are March 5-8, be sure to plan if you are coming the night before or staying a night after.  Get your hotel reserved now!
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Miniatures Painting Contest

The Miniatures Painting Contest is back for 2020!

We have 3 categories:
1. Small Miniature
2. Large Miniature
3. Young Painter

You have two months left to finish your mini, and submit it at SaltCON!
Miniature Painting Contest Rules
SaltCON Spring is March 5-8, 2020.  Get your badge now!

Save the date for all the upcoming SaltCON Events:
  • March 5-8, 2020 is SaltCON Spring! THE MAIN EVENT!
  • June 5-6, 2020 is the next SaltCON Summer Spectacular!
  • August 28-29, 2020 is the return of SaltCON End of Summer Extravaganza!
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