We are Walk DVRC! 我們是「行德」!
Welcome to the first issue of the Walk DVRC Newsletter! This publication aims to update you on the progress of the Walk DVRC initiative -- a vision to reshape Hong Kong by encouraging pedestrian-first environments. We will share information about upcoming events and let you know how other world-class cities are tackling the problem of urban deterioration brought on by car-centric planning. In addition, we will let you know ways in which you can get involved to help us move this important initiative forward. A people-centric DVRC is the first step toward a substantially enhanced and more liveable Central District that citizens can be proud of. We welcome your ideas and comments on any aspect of the project. Share your thoughts with us at

The Walk DVRC Story  關於「行德」
The Walk DVRC project is not a new one. Since 2000, architects, urban planners, walking enthusiasts and many others realized that a walkable DVRC was desirable as well as achievable. However, the time is right now to make this vision a reality. Infrastructure enhancements have changed traffic patterns. The public is increasingly supportive and demands more public space. Government officials and departments have endorsed walkability as a means of improving Hong Kong’s densely urbanized environment. A successful one-day trial has demonstrated that the closure of DVRC to most traffic can, indeed, be successfully accomplished. 
Our aim is to transform one of Hong Kong’s most central, polluted and least people-friendly stretches of road – from Pedder Street to Western Market – into an area that gives pedestrians and trams priority over other vehicular traffic. A walkable DVRC can serve as a core project for the overall improvement of Hong Kong’s deteriorating Central Business District.

Walk DVRC’s efforts also include undertaking research for the purpose of community education and outreach. The initiative strives to raise awareness and advance civic engagement with a view to influencing public policy to make Hong Kong a more liveable city.


Apr 28, DVRC Friends Meeting 四月盟友見面會
Walk DVRC Friends support the Walk DVRC initiative in many ways. The project depends on help from its collaborators and supporters and Walk DVRC Friends, a group of people who are passionate about enhancing Hong Kong's environments. Let’s meet in late April for the purpose of discussing the possibility of any collaboration. The group welcomes our partners who always support us and also new members.
Date 日期:2017.04.28 (FRI) 6-8pm
*More details will be announced later 詳情將稍後公佈
What is happening worldwide? 外國在做,我們呢?
Gran Via, the main road in the city's heart in Madrid will only allow access to bikes, buses, and taxis by 2019 to combat pollution and climate change.
Singapore has revitalized a road into a walkable street taking the opportunity of the change of traffic patterns as a new MRT line is constructed. 
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