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Welcome to the inaugural newsletter of
Christian Home Ed Connection

When I began looking at homeschooling in 1992 I found a monthly support meeting and a monthly newsletter both of which were invaluable. I had twin baby girls and went on to have two more boys. Through these regular support meetings, natural friendships between mums and kids grew. These friendships developed with our children's needs and became sports groups, homeschool activity days, co-ops, camps, music groups, prayer groups and lifelong friendships. All the kids from those days are now buying houses, getting married, having children of their own, working or going to university and it seems like a dream. It seems like only yesterday that I was looking up to, and hanging onto every word from older women in that support group, with ‘grown up kids'; 12 year olds, no less.

Now, 25 years on the number of homeschooling families has grown and I’m excited about this. There are many homeschooling groups around and there is also a wealth of knowledge available from veteran homeschoolers who are keen to offer their advice and support. But if you are a new parent, as I was, curious about homeschooling, how do you find these people and these groups except by word of mouth? It’s not easy.

My hope is that this newsletter, it's associated website (please be patient, under construction) and some information evenings will be a place for nurturing lifelong friendships and supportive, productive groups. My intention is that this forum will provide a place to connect the many new and current homeschoolers who are looking for community and information.

Another important purpose of this newsletter will be to keep busy homeschooling parents up to date with government requirements and our responsibilities. We will have regular input from those who represent us before government, and we will have a forum to voice our concerns.

If you are running a homeschooling group or if you have any other services you would like to offer homeschoolers, this is a place you can let people know. Alternatively, if you are looking for other like-minded people in your area let me know here and we may be able to connect you.

Gerardine Hansen
The first homeschool information evening will be held on
Monday night September 18th.  
Save the date.
Details of content and speakers to follow.

Geomorphologist Speaks at the Hansen’s

BBQ 5:30 & Talk 7:00
Have you ever asked yourself 'What exactly does a Fluvial Geomorphologist do?"
Ha ha, me either, but Dr Neller has a fascinating story to tell.
Saturday 17th of June (this weekend)

Click on this link to find out more and to let us know that you're coming.
Alternatively, email a response to this newsletter.

MarJo, one of Melbourne's original suppliers of homeschooling curriculum, is well known to many. Here she introduces herself and explains what she has to offer at her garage sale:
We began homeschooling our oldest two in 1988 just at the same time as the people who were running the Christian support group in Melbourne were about to go overseas. We ended up taking over the role as co-coordinators for this group. We edited a monthly newsletter and organised activity groups, fellowship groups for Mums, excursions, annual conferences, science fairs, and many other activities while our family grew to include seven children.

In those early days, it was very difficult to get materials in Australia. There were no international credit cards, no internet, no way of seeing before committing, and every step was slow, expensive, and unsure. Therefore, we also took on the role of educational supplier, importing things for people to look at and hold before buying.

Now curriculum choice is so much easier and we've finished our homeschooling journey, but we still have a lot of stock that needs to go.
Thus – the garage sale!

Book brands include: Excel, lifepac, A Beka, Christian Light, Horizons, Alpha Omega, IBLP. I also have a lot of "worthy literature" (good uplifting reading matter), stationery (pretty paper, A4 Christmas letter paper, notebooks, pens, markers, liquid paper) as well as some sports equipment, board games, and household goods.
I hope to bless you with some great items at super-bargain prices. We will be taking offers up to 90% off retail, and many items will be “free or make a small donation.” This will also bless us with some more space! :)
Venue – 14 Treetop Court Narre Warren South
Time - 10 am - 3 pm Saturday 8th July.
Email -

PLEASE FORWARD as I would particularly like families on tight budgets to be able to benefit from this garage sale.

Hope to hear from you!
MarJo Angelico

There is a science competition that you are invited to join in with. The goal is the answer the question:
“Show an example of how man is
using sustainable techniques to steward God’s creation well.”
The answer can be in the form of a song, poster/project, video, essay, maths or ICT.
Students participate at their level. Date due 26 June 2017. See these two pages:

We meet fortnightly to bring our kids together for fun activities and time together while giving the parents some time out with good company.  Meeting in the beautiful grounds of The Old Cheese Factory in Berwick we aim to provide a variety of activities for our children such as art, drama, sport and especially those things that are well suited to a group environment. For more information, contact Alicia via email

Teenage Activity Group

TAG is for 13+ year old homeschoolers.

A core of about 20 young people meet regularly for various activities and many other teens join in occasionally.

This term TAG is putting on a musical! Other things they've done include Mock Parliament preparation and a visit to parliament, movies, rollerskating, visits to parks, a camp and many other fun things.

To find out more about TAG email Alicia:


We meet fortnightly at the Romanian Church in Narre Warren North.  We have approximately 50 kids ranging from 16 months to 16 years, from 17 families.  Some of our activities include art, sports, drama, sewing and occasional excursions on our own or with other groups.

For more information, contact Sevvy via SMS: 0481 393 199
Join HEN!
They've been campaigning on behalf of all homeschoolers regarding the recent changes to regulations. The higher their membership numbers, the more likely the government will listen to our combined voice.

Who can join? Mum, Dad, Grandparents and your grown homeschooled graduates, basically anyone who is supportive of choice in education.
The Home Education Network (HEN) is Victoria’s secular home education group with over 800 members.
HEN has been campaigning against the proposed increased Regulations by: Go to this link to see the full (and very impressive) list!

Join HEN to support the fight and do your bit. Membership includes:
- Regular updates on the campaign by email
- Quarterly Otherways – Australia’s longest running Home Education magazine
- Discounts on subscriptions such as Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Rosetta Stone
- Weekly news email of events and activities
- Access to HEN’s member-only facebook group
There are so many more groups that could be included here.  I really look forward to the next newsletter when many of you receiving this write back and tell me of all the wide variety of supportive Christian homeschooling groups around.  I know there are sport groups, mums nights and music groups.  Please get in touch so we can continue welcoming new homeschoolers and, through community, we can continue sharpening our own parenting and teaching skills.

If you know of others in your homeschooling community who might be interested in receiving this newsletter, please forward this on or ask them to email me.  
Similarly, let people know about the Geomorphologist talk (this weekend!), the garage sale, the sustainability competition and the importance of joining HEN

Lastly, click here to watch a short thought provoking animation.

Gerardine Hansen with MarJo Angelico
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