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In this edition, you will see some clear instructions for urgent letters to your MPs.  The main purpose of this newsletter is for connection and building relationships, not to be political, but after so many years of a wonderful freedom to homeschool our children in Victoria, we are now called upon to defend our God given authority in our own families. So please write a quick email and send it off in the nex week or so.

My hope is that this newsletter, it's associated website (please be patient, under construction) and some information evenings will be a place for nurturing lifelong friendships and supportive, productive groups. My intention is that this forum will provide a place to connect the many new and current homeschoolers who are looking for community and information.  
If you are running a homeschooling group or if you have any other services you would like to offer homeschoolers, this is a place you can let people know. Alternatively, if you are looking for other like-minded people in your area let me know here and we may be able to connect you.

Gerardine Hansen
Recently, a New Home Schooler's Information Evening, run by Pavlina from the Home Education Network, was booked out in the first week.  A number of other information evenings are organised including a skype meeting to discuss options for teenagers.  Here is the link -

Regular Homeschool Information Evenings organised by CHEC will be held on the third Monday each month, starting with
Monday, September 18th at 7:30 pm in Narre Warren South
Book your place, here.  At these events, a number of experienced home schoolers will be ready to share their secrets, tips, and expertise.  Please come if you are enquiring or experienced or anything in between.


Dr Mark Harwood speaks at the Hansen's
Mark studied at the University of Sydney where he received B.Sc., B.E. (Hons) and PhD degrees. He played a key role in the development of Australia’s national satellite system. He has now retired from the aerospace industry and is employed by CMI as a speaker and scientist. He speaks passionately, both in Australia and internationally, about the scientific credibility of the Genesis account of creation.

When: 25th August at 2:30.  Arrive at 2:00 if you'd like a cup of tea before we get started.
Mark’s presentation will finish at 3:15 after which there will be time for questions.
All age groups welcome. Content will be aimed at secondary to adults.
Who should go (and why)?

1. Do you have teenagers?
If you have teenagers, just come. Our children receive a huge dose of atheistic evolution all the time. 

2. Do you feel confident that you could respond to a friend who says, “But science has proved that God doesn't exist—we know how everything came to be, and God had nothing to do with it!”
Are you able to give answers to these genuine objections? (1 Peter 3:15)  CMI's heart is to equip you.

3. Do you appreciate being encouraged to deeper, firmer trust in the absolute reliability of God's word?
Oops, — silly question.  

So come along, equip yourselves and your children, be encouraged, and enjoy the fellowship!
Register here
Album Launch Concert
When: Saturday 7:30 PM
Where: Berwick Anglican Church Berwick
(corner of Peel and Elgin Streets, Berwick)

Daughters of the King, a small singing group made up of home schooled young ladies, is performing hit tracks from their debut album (yay what an achievement). Guest artist; up and coming cellist, Isaac Winter and former DOTK member and accomplished flautist, Merrily Hansen will also entertain us.

Adult $10 and Children $5

For tickets, contact:
Leah Bosch – Music Director 0458 412 241 or


Many of you will have signed a petition and heard the regulations for homeschoolers are changing, but you’re not sure what’s happening now.  You’ve heard of the Disallowance Motion but don’t know exactly what it is.

Mrs Inga Peulich from the Liberal Party and in the Legislative Council has asked, on our behalf, that some of the proposed new Education regulations be disallowed. The procedure is that notice is given and then there is some time for MPs to consider it before the debate.  The earliest the debate can take place is August 23rd (otherwise, September 6th or 20th)
MRS PEULICH — To move —
That in accordance with section 5.10.2(5) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 the following clauses of the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 be disallowed —
72(2); 72(3); 72(4); 72(5)(c)(ii); 72(5)(c)(iii); 73; 79; and  82(3). Draft regs here.

What difference will the disallowance make?  It rules out:
  • Learning plans and resource lists
  • The VRQA’s right to refuse registration
  • Explicit attendance requirement in the 28-day application. period
  • Requirement to register by 30 November for preps, etc.
  • Requirement to provide any information the VRQA ask for.
This means that our MP’s in the upper house will debate these matters and vote.  We can email each of them asking that they vote for the disallowance.
What can you do?
  • Put those dates, starting August 23rd, on your calendar and pray for the best outcome.
  • Print.  Sign.  Post.
  • Print off and sign the new petition, write your children’s names and others for whom you have permission. Think of parents, grandparents, neighbours and church friends. Each of us should be able to fill one page of petition signatures (that is only 12 names for each family and it will amount to a powerful voice) and send it straight back according to the instructions on the bottom. This is not a time for putting this task in the ‘To Do’ box.
  • Write to your state Liberal and National MPs – no, that is not as difficult as you think. And they must be able to read it before the earliest possible debate date of August 23rdHere is a link to who you can write to, their email addresses and what you could say. We can thank these MPs for supporting home education and respecting for parental rights.
  • We are relying on conservative MP, James Purcell whose party is Vote 1 Local Jobs. He needs to be made aware of how many conservative home schoolers there are and that we are relying on his vote for the disallowance motion.  His Electorate is Western Victoria and his office is in Port Fairy.  The most effective way to influence James Purcell is to set up a group meeting of about 15 people from his immediate region (pictured in the link above).  If you live in this area, we need you.  Please contact Sue, who will set up the meeting. (Alternatively, phone Gerardine 0425 751 297.)  Or perhaps you know someone who lives in Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Portland or Heywood who would be willing to visit James Purcell in Port Fairy in the next week and a bit.  Please let them know, and contact Sue.
On another matter, sign this petition to stop Safe Schools.  If you are not aware of what the Safe Schools program is please just open the link and get informed.  This program is set to be compulsory in Victoria in 2018.

Activities in Tyabb for Homeschooling Teens
We are a new group for teens (10 yo and up) that meet fortnightly on Mondays with a goal of providing a wide variety of hands-on 'STEAM' activities. (Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths). Some of the things we have done include forensics, electronics, math art, wood turning, fabric dyeing techniques, resin art, making organic cosmetics, pyrography and chemistry. On alternate Mondays, we have social outings and excursions geared for upper primary and teens.

For more information contact
Kirsty 0431 840776
Jo 0400935 756


Narre Warren North
Text Sevvy: 0481 393 199
Crossway Baptist
 East Burwood Mondays
There will be a page on the website to list tutors. Send me your details to be included.
To protect our choices in education
Join HEN!
One of the strengths of home schoolers is that we are such a diverse community, in fact, one of the motivations to teach our children at home is because we understand how different each child is.  We are fortunate to have Susan Write from HEN who works tirelessly, meeting politicians and education department people, making phone calls, clarifying each step of the way for homeschoolers in Victoria, and encouraging people to visit their ministers and write petitions. She keeps a close eye on what is happening politically, listens carefully so as to represent HEN members' views accurately and acts sensibly and wisely in this voluntary role.  Ten years ago, also, HEN and others campaigned strongly, and since then, Victorians have enjoyed the best HS regulations in Australia, allowing us to hold on to our valued diversity. Higher membership numbers will put HEN in a position to truly represent HS'ers giving us a voice which is more likely to be heard than ignored.

Who can join? Mum, Dad, Grandparents and your grown homeschooled graduates, basically anyone who is supportive of choice in education.
The Home Education Network (HEN) is Victoria’s secular home education group with over 800 members.
HEN has been campaigning against the proposed increased Regulations by: Go to this link to see the full (and very impressive) list!

Join HEN to support the fight and do your bit. Membership includes:
- Regular updates on the campaign by email
- Quarterly Otherways – Australia’s longest running Home Education magazine
- Discounts on subscriptions such as Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Rosetta Stone
- Weekly news email of events and activities
- Access to HEN’s member-only facebook group


The Geomorphologist Evening
There were about 70 of us who shared a BBQ and heard the amazing presentation in Narre South, by Dr Ron Neller.  Ron told us about sediment, 
mountains of sediment which is evidence that points to a global flood. He also told us his personal story which is a testimony of an amazing, miraculous journey of being found by God.
Left behind: is anything here yours?  Eventually, these things will make their way into my kitchen stash if no one claims them.
An incredible achievement in ten weeks: Matilda Sheeran who is taking a gap year, decided to put on a musical with a large group of homeschooled children.  So much learning took place over that ten week period!
Matilda says they did an awesome job. 50 children were involved. They worked on stage craft, makeup, designing sets and costume design and construction. The mums were not involved! A big change for home schoolers! The kids really owned it.  Those involved encouraged each other to take on roles on stage as well as back stage and we saw some great team work.  What a fantastic experience it was.
There are so many more groups that could be included here.  I really look forward to the next newsletter when many of you receiving this write back and tell me of all the wide variety of supportive Christian homeschooling groups around.  I know there are sport groups, mums nights and music groups.  Please get in touch so we can continue welcoming new homeschoolers and, through community, we can continue sharpening our own parenting and teaching skills.

If you know of others in your homeschooling community who might be interested in receiving this newsletter, please forward this on or ask them to email me.  
Similarly, let people know about the Geomorphologist talk (this weekend!), the garage sale, the sustainability competition and the importance of joining HEN

Lastly, click here to watch a short thought provoking animation.

Gerardine Hansen with MarJo Angelico
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