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Welcome to the Coderix Spring Newsletter. Yes, we realize that we missed the Winter Newsletter. See? We aren't perfect either. The image attached is from Kelowna, just on the cusp of winter turning to spring.

Acceptance Haiku

Hold your willingness,
To accept sharp winter cold,
Soon spring winds bring warmth.

~ Dr. Lam

Coderix Medical Clinic - Updates

Welcome to new physicians As of April 20, two new physicians took over the regular Friday clinic at Coderix.

Dr. Vivien Parker: Friday Morning - 8AM – 12PM
Dr. Kate Lazier: Friday Afternoon - 12PM – 4PM

Also, welcome to locum physicians, who help us to cover clinic days on an occasional basis: Dr. Lucy Manchester, Dr. Jenny Nicolle, Dr. Michael Richardson, Dr. Shivani Chandrakumar, Dr. Alexander Cauderella.
Update on Hepatitis C care:  Dr. Neal Belluzzo is now offering Hepatitis C care at Coderix Medical Clinic.

Dr. Belluzzo runs a Hepatitis C clinic once a month. Next Hepatitis C clinic is May 30th from 9AM – 12PM. Please speak to your main doctor to discuss testing and treatment. It will be helpful to have blood tests completed before seeing Dr. Belluzzo.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in addictions medicine care video
ACT in Addictions – How Does This Work?
In September 2017, Dr. Lam presented to the Withdrawal Management Services of Toronto at their Annual Education Day, to introduce the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in addictions medicine care. You can watch the full video here.

'Acceptance' is about being willing to experience challenging thoughts and feelings.

ACT Skill #3

Continuing our series on the six central skills of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, we are going to introduce the notion of Acceptance. We also have a new pamphlet explaining Acceptance. Special thanks to Dr. Eibisch for her work on this pamphlet. You can access our pamphlets here.


What is Acceptance? Acceptance is about being willing to experience challenging thoughts and feelings. Another word for it is ‘willingness’.

Why is Acceptance Important? Substance use is often about making unpleasant feelings vanish. This works, but only for a short time. Often the unpleasant feelings return when the drugs or alcohol wear off, and then the feelings are worse. Instead of being stuck in this cycle, try some acceptance.

How do I Accept? Acceptance is about dropping the struggle with difficult thoughts and emotions, because the struggle itself can actually keep you stuck. Imagine that you have a ‘struggle switch’. You can’t control the thoughts and feelings, but you can cultivate the skill of turning your own struggle on or off.

Why should I Accept things I don’t like? Acceptance isn’t just ‘accepting your lot in life’. Take actions that truly make your life richer and better! Dropping the struggle with difficult feelings gives you more room within yourself to do things which actually make life richer and more meaningful.

Where do I apply Acceptance? Ever notice that some thoughts just get stuck in your head, playing over and over while you obsess about how to get rid of them? Be willing to experience these thoughts and feelings without reacting to them. You might notice that their ‘sting’ diminishes.

When do I use Acceptance? Often, we need to use acceptance when things in life disappoint us or cause us pain. So, yes, this is a tough skill to develop. One important way to make this skill valuable is to link it to your deeply felt personal values.

 Download a PDF of our Acceptance Handout
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