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Spring Newsletter

This is our space for:

  • Clinic news.
  • Resources – Selected resources, usually on-line, that we think you might find interesting and useful.
  • Reflection – We will include a mindful reflection in each newsletter, which is something we would love to involve you in – so read on if this interests you.

If there is something else you would like to see in this newsletter, let us know and we will see if it fits. We want this to be your newsletter as much as it is ours.

How many of these will we send? And to whom?

  • The aim will be to send a newsletter not more than once a month, and not less than once a season.
  • We have tried to be careful to send this newsletter to patients of Coderix, friends and family, as well as doctors and other health professionals, who have shared their email address with us, and indicated that they would like to receive this newsletter. If we have sent it to you in error, please accept our apologies and feel free to unsubscribe.
  • Meanwhile, feel free to share this newsletter with anyone whom you like – friends, family, or other people in your life. Anyone can subscribe.

Clinic News

Coderix is here!

The biggest news is, of course, that we started a new clinic! We opened our doors on January 3, 2017, with some familiar faces, a new name, and a new vision for the kind of care we want to provide. People have asked us why the clinic is named Coderix. The name draws its three syllables from concepts in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which are:

  • Co – Contacting the present moment.
  • De – Defusing from difficult thoughts and feelings.
  • Rix – Use the ACT Matrix to find a meaningful way forward in life.

Our core concept for Coderix is to provide care around substance use issues that is informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This is a compassionate, mindful form of behavioral therapy that has over 175 published scientific studies supporting its effectiveness for a wide range of life situations.

Welcoming new physicians:

Many of you know Dr. Vincent Lam. We are also welcoming two new physicians to Coderix.

  • Dr. Jesleen Rana is running a women’s-focused clinic on Thursday mornings, and seeing patients of all gender-identification Thursday afternoons. Dr. Rana believes in practicing medicine with an anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, and gender-focused lens.
  • Dr. Larisa Eibisch will soon be providing addictions care on Tuesday mornings. Dr. Eibisch is passionate about supporting marginalized and under-housed populations, particularly those struggling with addictions and mental health concerns.


The 3 Happiness Myths

To kick off the ‘Resources’ section, we are sharing this video on ‘Three Happiness Myths’.

ACT is an approach that seeks to help people cultivate a rich, full, and meaningful life – one that is more deeply satisfying and more solid than society’s superficial understanding of ‘Happiness’. Don’t worry – ACT is not anti-happiness, but there are a few ‘happiness myths’ that can actually cause us problems.

What is this video about?

  • Question #1 – Do you ever look at your social media feed and think, “Why does everyone’s life look so glamorous and fun all the time?” Then you stop and realize… that is not anyone’s real life. That is just the stuff people put on social media, because that is the image they want to portray.
  • Myth #1 – Happiness is the natural state for human beings.
  • Truth #1 – The normal state for human beings is an ever-changing flow of emotions.
  • Question #2 – Do you ever think about something you want – a thing, or an experience, and think, “If I can just get that thing, I will feel good and be happy.” Then, when you go to lots of trouble and obtain the thing or experience, maybe it works for a little while, but then it lets you down and you feel worse than when you started?
  • Myth #2 – Happiness is feeling good.
  • Truth #2 – Deep happiness is living a rich, full, and meaningful life, which is complex, with ups and downs. It is not just about feeling good for a brief moment.
  • Question #3 – Do you ever feel frustrated with people around you, whether they are loved ones or well-meaning professionals saying things like “Don’t think those negative thoughts! Just think positive thoughts!” Then, when positive thoughts don’t make things better, this just makes you feel worse? Do you even think, “Wow, something must really be wrong with me! I can’t even think positive enough to be happy!”
  • Myth #3 – If you’re not happy, you’re defective.
  • Truth #3 – If you’re not happy, you’re probably normal. A rich, full, meaningful life comes with anxiety, disappointments, and frustrations as well as peace, success, and joy.”
More Resources

Reflection – from Dr. Lam

"The image at top is a shoreline in Georgian Bay. My first reaction when I look at this photo is ‘How beautiful!’ It is beautiful but as I look more closely, I see more. A brisk wind stirs up choppy water. The light is falling. The waves run into shore, and they could easily push a small boat into those rocks. What I reflect upon in this photo is that although the conditions are actually somewhat threatening on the water, it is still possible to find beauty in this moment."

Your turn

If you are reading this newsletter, we would love to see your reflections in this section in the future. We imagine a photo or a drawing with accompanying text, but tell us if there is something else you would like to share, and it will be considered.

Submission guidelines – send us an email or talk to the staff if you would like to share something:

  • Images should be accompanied by a brief text (not more than 100 words).
  • The accompanying text should include a reflective element, for instance ‘What I reflect upon is…’, or ‘What this makes me think about is…’.
  • Images or text should not include subjects that could foreseeably be expected to be triggering or offensive. We will exercise editorial judgment around this, and thank you for your understanding.
  • Posts can include your name, or be anonymous, as you prefer.

Enjoy the start of summer,


Dr. Vincent Lam

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