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Coderix Medical Clinic - Updates

ACT Groups have started! The first two have been a great success. You can still come out - it is an 'open' group. Gordon Seaman from Breakaway, and Lisa Blanco-Ruibal from St. Michael's are facilitating. Come to share lived experience, and engage in ACT skills-building. Light refreshments served.  Nov 13, Nov 27, Dec 11, 3:30 PM 
Hep C Care: Dr. Neal Belluzzo will be offering care for Hepatitis C at Coderix. If you haven't done your routine lab testing yet this year, ask us for a requisition. The first Hep C Clinic day will be Nov 23, 12:00 PM to 4 PM. 
Welcome to Dr. Lyndsay O'Brecht: Dr. O'Brecht will be taking care of the Thursday clinic, including the Women's Focused Clinic, during Dr. Rana's maternity leave. We send our fond and best wishes to Dr. Rana.  Dr. O'Brecht starts Thursdays, Nov 23.

'Values' help you find the right direction

ACT Concept #2 - Values

We Continue Our Introduction to the Six ACT Concepts

What are values in ACT? 
Values are your heart’s deepest desire for how you want to treat yourself and others.
Where do I find my values?
Deep inside you. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ values in ACT – this is about your own deeply felt directions.
When should I use my values?
Values can guide your actions more consistently and reliably than emotions. We often let our emotions take charge, but emotions can be up and down like the weather. Values remain constant. For instance – if one of your values is kindness, You will believe in being kind whether you are having a good or a bad day.
How should I use values?
If you know your values, you can choose practical, meaningful goals that line up with your heart’s deep desires.
Why do values matter?
You may or may not succeed with every goal, but the value will remain, and moving towards it will always be important to you.

 Download a PDF of our Values Handout
Dr. Lam's reflections on values:

"When people say the word 'Values', it sounds like as much fun as eating broccoli, or doing situps. So, we should be clear - ACT Values are not "what your mother thinks is right", or "what your boss tells you to do", or "What everyone likes on Facebook". A better term than 'Values' would be "Your inner sense of the way you wish to guide yourself through the world." But, that's a mouthful, so 'Values' is the word that is used in ACT to describe this concept. Get in touch with these Values - which are all about how you want to treat yourself and others. They can help you both to know yourself, and to be yourself."


Notice when you are doing something that feels really ‘right’, and decide what values this lines up with. What practical, concrete steps can you take:  to bring more of this value into your life?

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