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Today is election day, polls are open until 8pm. I am asking for your vote in the 3rd Suffolk district, so I can continue to fight for workers, reliable public transportation, affordable housing, and combat climate change.

Let's make history together today and elect the first woman Governor, raise billions of dollars in new funds for transit, infrastructure, and schools, and improve public safety, by expanding drivers license eligibility.  

Winthrop voters please note: if you live in Precincts 1,2,3,5, and 6 your new voting location is the Old Middle School Gym, 151 Pauline St. If you live in Precinct 4 your new voting location is Golden Drive, 9 Golden Drive, Winthrop MA. 

Polls are open on Election Day from 7am-8pm statewide.
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Ballot Questions
This year there are four questions for voters on the ballot. Here is how I am voting on each one. 

Yes on Question 1: If passed people who make more than $1 million dollars a year will be asked to pay just 4% more on their yearly tax bill, this will raise over a billion dollars a year that will be mandated to go towards public school, infrastructure, and public transportation. 

Yes on Question 2: If passed Question 2 would require that dental insurance companies use at least 83% of the premiums they collect on patient care, rather than administrative costs. 

Yes on Question 3: If passed this question would raise the number of beer and wine licenses for off-site consumption, and cap "all-alcohol" licenses at 7 in 2023. This question would also allow retailers to accept out of state identification, and ban self checkout for alcohol. 

Yes on Question 4: Voting yes would keep a law that I supported this year in the legislature. The law allows anyone regardless of immigration status to earn a drivers license. This would improve public saftey by ensuring every driver on our roads is tested, licensed and insured, because of this it is supported by District Attorney's across the state, and Police Chiefs. 
Read more on each Question
My Endorsed Candidates 
This year I'm proud to support many incredible candidates. I'm endorsing then because they are empathetic, thoughtful, and passionate leaders, they will make committed public servants.
Attorney General Maura Healey - for Governor & Mayor Kim Driscoll - for Lieutenant Governor

I met first met Attorney General Healey when I was a Legal Services attorney in Boston, she was an intrepid lawyer in the Attorney General's Office. Attorney General Healey has a comprehensive understanding of how State Government works, a plethora of professional experience, and is a thoughtful and empathetic leader. She is best positioned to address the numerous issues our Commonwealth faces, from transit to housing, and criminal justice. I proudly support her for Governor.

As Mayor of Salem Kim Driscoll worked collaboratively with state officials and local partners, Kim helped secure sizable public and private investments, including a new MBTA train station, a new state courts complex, and a new ferry and waterfront port at Salem Wharf. The city is now a national leader in the offshore wind sector, serving as the primary marshalling port for the forthcoming Commonwealth Wind project that will serve residents across Massachusetts. I'm proud to support her for Lieutenant Governor.
Maura's Website
Former Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell - Attorney General

In my time on the Boston City Council, Andrea was a mentor to me, she carried herself as a thoughtful and pragmatic leader. I am proud to support her in this race. 

Andrea grew up in Roxbury with a childhood filled with incredible instability. She lost both her biological parents and twin brother at a young age. Yet, she turned that pain into purpose and a career in public service. 

As Attorney General, she will continue her fight by protecting consumers when prices go up, keeping our kids safe at home and school, and defending our civil rights and access to reproductive care across Massachusetts. I know Andrea will be an AG who shows up, listens to our community, and does everything she can to protect and advocate for the people of Massachusetts.
Andrea's Website
State Senator Diana DiZoglio - Auditor 

It's hard to sell anyone on the importance of the auditor’s office. Ask most people on the street they would probably tell you they have no idea what an auditor is or what an auditor does.  The auditor is the people’s watchful eye on spending, waste. She is also a check on government officials and agencies. 
The perspective of the auditor matters.  

This is informed by lived and professional experience.  Diana has both.  Diana fought to be where she is today.  She is a working- class girl made good and is now a state Senator.  From waitressing tables to running statewide she is doing what few expected of her.  To be honest that’s why I want her to be the auditor.  She’s more like the average person in Massachusetts. That same person that wonders do the big wigs  on Beacon Hill really understand the everyday struggle of working families. That person, like many of us, wonders why the government, with all its billions still can't provide a decent education, housing, and health care for all of us. 

She is the working people’s candidate as almost every union or organized labor organization has chosen her to hold the government accountable. Diana is not only a people’s person, she is the people’s auditor. Diana is worthy of your consideration and I hope you vote for her on September 6, 2022. 
Diana's Website
District Attorney Kevin Hayden - Suffolk County District Attorney

I am endorsing Kevin Hayden, public servant, over the politician. The bottom line: I have seen his work. He is as dedicated a public servant as I have met, and I’ve seen him demonstrate it on multiple occasions.

As soon as he was appointed, Hayden immediately got to work. I began to get regular updates about shootings and acts of violence in my district, which includes three of the four cities that make up Suffolk County. Like Rachael Rollins, our former district attorney, he was forthcoming, upfront and direct with his information. He made himself a resource to my office. I assumed correctly that on certain policies he and I would disagree, but he has listened, showed me that he could change his mind, and was willing to be creative and constructive about the District Attorney’s role.
Kevin's Website
Rashaan Hall - Plymouth County District Attorney 

I'm proud to support Rashaan Hall for District Attorney in Plymouth County. Rashaan has a wealth of professional experience, served as an ADA for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s  Office, he worked in the DA’s Safe Neighborhood Initiative and Senior Trial Units, prosecuting drug, gang, and homicide cases.  Recognizing the lived experience of victims, he worked closely and compassionately with victims and survivors of violent crime, while finding ways to identify less punitive and more restorative and transformative means of dealing with individuals struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. 

Please join me in supporting him alongside, Senator Ed Markey, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Former Congressman Joe Kennedy III, and State Senator Su Moran. 
Rashaan's Website


Lydia Edwards
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