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Alfonso Cuarón's ROMA
& Yorgos Lanthimos' THE FAVOURITE (not VOX LUX, as mentioned on the show)

Review excerpt: GRAVITY (2014)
Josh: What I loved about this movie, for all the technology and all the space-age stuff going on, is to realize how much of the basic work of astronauts depends on tethers and ropes and these things that you'll find in any marina. And the 3D really brings that alive to us because we get a sense of how far away that stuff is and where things are swirling around us. And so that opening sequence just does that in a completely mesmerizing way.

Michael Phillips: Yeah and it's totally wow cool.

#463 Gravity / Top 5 Movie Themes with Michael Phillips

Review excerpt: THE LOBSTER (2016)
Josh: You have somehow avoided this question which everyone else has had to answer: what animal?

Adam: Why are you going to out me for being utterly uninventive and lacking all creativity? I haven't devoted any time to it, but I don't have an answer.

Josh: It's a gut instinct type thing.

Adam: Well, there is a nice moment in the movie where they point out why everyone chooses dog and I did love that because of course the first thing that popped into my head was dog. So I'm one of those woeful people.

Josh: All right. That'll do, pig.

Listen: #587 The Lobster / Rebecca Miller Interview / The Man Without A Past


So what do we make of "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" in its entirety, Adam? Let's start with the unlikely fact that you and I both ranked it in the same spot on Letterboxd amongst the Coen brothers filmography. We've both got it at a lowly number 15, so I'm curious to hear is there a particular reason "Buster Scruggs," fell that far down for you. Or do you essentially think it's pretty great, and that list is mostly a testament to how damn good the Coens are?

Adam: I hate to spoil your setup. You had some nice symmetry going there, but within about 24 hours of putting it in the 15 spot–

Josh: Oh my gosh you re-ranked them?

Adam: –on Letterboxd, I reranked it.

Josh: You're ridiculous.

Adam: I re-ranked it and I definitely–

Josh: You're ridiculous!

Adam: –knew I had to re-rank it after I watched "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" for a second time. I actually right now, Josh, have it at number 12.

Josh: OK...

Adam: And it is absolutely a testament to how good the Coens' filmography is. I think "Buster Scruggs," is pretty great...

#707 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs / Creed II / Burning

FRIDAY 12/14: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse / Shoplifters

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Part 2 of 'The Chicago Way': Michael Mann's "Thief" and Steve McQueen's "Widows."

From co-host and producer Genevieve Koski:
Director Steve McQueen’s new thriller WIDOWS is a Chicago-set heist film that puts to good use the city’s notorious corruption, which puts it in the company of Michael Mann’s stylish 1981 feature debut THIEF. In this half of our Windy City-centric pairing, we dig into THIEF and its strangely compelling criminal protagonist Frank, played by James Caan, to see what the film says about the kind of city Chicago was (and is), and the kind of filmmaker Mann would become. Plus, still more feedback on Bradley Cooper's version of A STAR IS BORN.

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