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At the January retreat, we discussed doing a trial survey in the February newsletter.  Because we didn’t decide on survey question(s) or mechanism in time, I left it out.  We should discuss options so we can try again in March.  I took a cursory look at three options.  Here is a simple example survey with each one that I hope we can discuss at Thursday's meeting.
MailChimp Embedded Survey

This quick and dirty approach embeds a multiple choice or 1-10 rating question directly in an email campaign like our newsletter.  (You could have multiple questions, but I wouldn’t recommend it.)  Responses are tracked along with opens and clicks.  Because it is tied to our email list, a reader is prevented from responding more than once. (It is not anonymous, though the top level report is.) Go ahead and try it more than once.

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How many rocks could a rock chuck chuck if a rock chuck could chuck rocks?
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MailChimp Hosted Survey

This approach supports multiple questions of various types.  Questions are hosted on a survey web page.  A link to this page can be placed in an email campaign, regular email, web site, social media posts, etc.  MailChimp tracks responses, and if a responder provides an email address, that is matched up with our email list if the responder is on it.  If the survey is tied to an email campaign, it appears that multiple responses from a person are blocked here too.
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SurveyPlanet Hosted Survey

This is similar to the MailChimp hosted survey, but has a more polished appearance.  As you might expect, since it is a separate service, results are not tied in with our email list.  There does not appear to be a way to prevent a person from responding multiple times.  You cannot download raw results unless you pay for the Pro option, you can only view results on the SurveyPlanet website.  However, that viewer is better than the view provided by MailChimp.  There are several other options that also require a Pro subscription.
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