Rydal Newsletter

It has been a busy month and we hope you’d enjoyed our newsletter.

We would like to share with you as we are starting the period of Lent, a reflection of David Wilmot, our Chaplain, some exciting events and offers, delicious treats from the Tea Shop and of course the progress on the Bunkhouse renovation.

We hope you enjoy it!

We’re happy to announce that the beautiful bunkhouse renovation is underway! The new memory foam mattresses have arrived and Laura, our Campsite Manager, and her team have been busy painting the walls and sanding the floors.

We’re excited for you to see its new look very soon! We’ll reopen on 27 February 2023!

Stay tune for more sneak peak images on our social media platforms @rydahall.

Why not treat someone special this February? We have gift boxes with lovely messages for you to choose from.

The Tea Shop is open from 10 am - 4 pm


In short, as those who have received mercy, we are called to pass it on. I wonder what it would be like if each of us made a conscious decision this Lent, to reach out to someone that we don’t see at church at other times of the year? Not to guilt them back into returning but as an expression of hospitality and welcome.

This Lent, why not ponder the ways in which you are being called to become the face of mercy?

May the God of mercy open our hearts to those near us who are most in need of his tender embrace and set our hearts on fire with the desires to do his will. Amen

Friday 17 - Sunday 19 March 2023

£290 per person - 24 Hour Rate

Join Paul Rose for a weekend of exploring ideas and practices to deepen the experiences you have in nature.


Don’t forget you have until the 31st March to explore Cumbria and the Lakes for only £2 on a single ticket bus fare.

You can continue to save money and help reduce carbon emissions!