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Aloha! I apologize, I have not been great at being consistent recently, but this year will be different! It has already been an interesting time. Usually I'm helping people plan the year ahead, but this year we all seem to be a bit behind. As we play catch up from the end of 2017 we take stock of where we are, where we've been and where we are going.

To begin this process we need to take a breath, slow down and think for a moment.

Living in the Light with Intuitive Coach Geralyn St Joseph

The Philadelphia Eagles Win The Super Bowl! ...

And what that means to you Spiritually.

First let me say that I am a Philly native. My childhood was spent in spitting distance of the stadiums, so the excitement that accompanies sports in the city is very familiar. BUT this is different…
What makes it different is not the obvious, like the fact that this is our first Super Bowl win. It is different because this particular instance, this specific team, this precise timing is unique. We are in a time where we desperately need upliftment, hope and faith. We all need something to look forward to because all we can see ahead and behind currently is darkness. What we once called the good old days we now realize weren’t very good for most people.  
So, if we are not looking to our past for inspiration, if our past is not a good guidepost, where do we look? We look up. We look to the Eagles, both figuratively and literally. The Eagles’ underdog motif represents everyone who feels like they are fighting a powerful foe. I know that in the metaphysical community this type of stark discussion is frowned upon, but I believe that there needs to be a time of blunt honesty. And honestly, things have been pretty dark, it’s time to take stock of what is and spin things upward for a change. It’s time to move away from the bleak fear that surrounds us.
By looking to the Eagle we can view our divinity, our ability to rise above. Read More...
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Charting the Year Ahead...

Let's take this opportunity to review the past year and make a fresh start. We do this whether we find last year lacking or a good foundation.Now is a great time to chart you course for the year ahead! 

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Signs from Spirit

How do you KNOW when your Intuition is correct? When you are getting signs from Spirit?
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For the past decade I've noticed that our chakra systems have been evolving. Our organic energy systems are coming more online and they're not the same for every person. In this short video we discuss the three types of organic energy systems that I've been seeing.
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